2002 RTW Day Public Service Announcement


Ride to Work Day Public Service Announcements:

Ride to Work Day provides an opportunity to raise public awareness about motorcycling, not only by riding your motorcycle to work, but by submitting Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to your local radio and newspaper offices about the event. Below is a sample Ride-to-Work PSA. All you need to do is change the contact information and any verbiage you don't like and submit it. The more riders who submit this PSA, the better the chances are that it will be aired. Lists of all radio, tv and newspapers in your area are available on the internet and in telephone directories.

You can raise public awareness by submitting this (and other) motorcycling PSAs to your local radio and newspaper offices. It's a great way to begin the process of changing public perception of motorcycling in a positive way. Remember, all radio, TV and print news organizations must find new things to broadcast every day and most will welcome 'news' items like this. And please support the motorcycling community by riding your motorcycle to work on July 17th. For more information on Ride to Work, visit www.ridetowork.org

The PSA should be mailed on stationary, or sent via e mail (RTW letterhead and logos are available as .pdf and .jpg files on the 'ads' section of the Ride to Work website):


Air from July 1st through July 17th

Contact: _______________ (daytime), _______________ (night),

_____________ (fax),< ______@___> (e mail) please do not broadcast these telephone numbers.

11th ANNUAL Nationwide Ride-to-Work Day

The 11th Annual Nationwide Ride to Work day will take place on Wednesday, July 17th. Thousands of motorcyclists across the nation are expected to commute to work on their motorcycles to demonstrate to the public that:

-Motorcycles are a useful form of transportation and not just recreational vehicles.

-Motorcycles get great gas mileage and so save natural resources.

-Motorcyclists ease traffic congestion.

-Motorcyclists save parking spaces by putting multiple bikes in one parking spot.

-Motorcycles wear the roads down less than heavier vehicles.

-Motorcyclists are people too. They come from all walks of life, work in all   occupations, and range in age from teenagers to grandparents.

The American Motorcyclist Association and many local and national rider organizations encourage all riders to increase awareness that motorcycling is a social good and help promote a positive image of motorcycling by riding their motorcycles to work on Wednesday, July 17th. For more information about Ride to Work visit www.ridetowork.org or call 218.722.9806.