Annual Ride To Work Day is Monday!


Media Release: For immediate use
Date: 06/11/09
Subject: Annual Ride To Work Day is Monday!

Ride to Work Day is Monday, June 15th. We hope you will ride to work, ...or ride just for fun, ...or for your daily errands. And we hope you will tell your riding and non-riding friends about the event (please forward this message). Riding from A to B is important, especially on Ride to Work Day, when all riders can help increase awareness about the benefits of riding. Your support and participation will help make a positive difference for everyone.

You can also increase local PR about Ride to Work Day by contacting the media in your area (call, email or forward this message), and letting them know about the event. Or by inviting friends to meet for a Ride to Work Day breakfast, on the way to work, Monday morning. More information about the annual Ride to Work Day event is here.

At work, you can tell your associates that you rode with these stickers, designed to be printed on adhesive paper. They're a great way to create a buzz around your workplace. On Monday, enjoy a great Ride to Work Day, and have fun!

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