The Farmington Addendum

For those of you who asked…

Here are some more of the photos I made at the Farmington Antique Motorcycle event. Wandering around the grounds on Friday afternoon, I was overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the machinery on display. In the limited time I had, there was no way to stop and chat with all the owners to learn all about each and every incredible motorcycle I visited. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are several thousand for you to savor. I hope you enjoy them.

For those who don’t know… roll over the thumbnail with your mouse to see the caption. Then click on it to see the ~800 x 600 image.

Ride well,

An eclectic assortment... Inline-4 Indian... wow. Frogwing's Granddad 100-plus mpg, anyone? Hog Heaven... Board Track Racer? I don't know for sure... Zen and the Art of... a beautiful Honda 305 Scrambler. BSA Firebird... Oh Baby! Saving the Best for Last... My Favorite Bike of the Show: BSA Gold Star Cafe

7 Responses to “The Farmington Addendum”

  1. jim Says:

    We’re heading to Cedar Falls, Ia. this morning to see family. My game plan was to go to Anamosa to bike museum there during our stay in Ia. Don’t know if I’ll make it.
    Gary, you’re right, invisilble is the way to ride. Susan and I came realllllyyyyy close to getiing hit Sunday afternoon. Like Susan said, “she was looking right at us and she just kept coming”. I won’t bore you with details, as I don’t like to write that much, but I could write a book about idiots. Nuff said.
    Like the old bike pictures, good reading as always.

  2. Steve Williams Says:

    Nice machines. I like the high pipe Honda. Looks sorta like the new Triumph Scrambler.

    You really get around and see a lot of stuff….


  3. Gary Charpentier Says:

    jim: I’ve never been to that particular museum. Let us know, if you go, and Be Careful Out There…

    Steve: The thing is, the Twin Cities area is absolutely teeming with motorbike stuff. The Harley scene is really strong around here, and so is the cafe / sportbike culture. You have already witnessed the fanaticism of the local scooterati…

    Who would think, in a climate where casual riders only ride half the year, that there would be so much going on? But some weekends it seems that I miss more events than I hit. The whole atmosphere gets a little frantic, sometimes, with everything seemingly happening at once. People save up a lot of energy and enthusiasm over the long, cold winter.

    Makes for an interesting blog, doesn’t it?

    Ride well,

  4. Mark Cain Says:


    It’s always nice to see someone “making” a photograph, instead of “taking” a photograph. The difference is lost on most folks, but the response to your recent entries proves the value of a calculating and aesthetic eye.

    Keep it up.


  5. seagullplayer Says:

    Nice. I could look at pictures like that all day.

    Rubber Down.

  6. Gary Charpentier Says:

    Thanks, Gentlemen. That means a lot.

    It would be so much easier, (and cheaper!) to carry some little point-n-shoot thing and still illustrate most of what I see when I travel, but then you wouldn’t get the subtleties that I see and the full-force of the message that I am trying to convey.

    The big Zeiss lens on my Sony F717 is a wonder, and I try to use it to it’s full effect as often as I can. This weekend, I have concentrated on scooter travel, and you will see some pretty decent photographs when I can download them at work on Wednesday.

    Unfortunately, my home computer is having trouble processing graphics right now, due to some virus or hack or whatever. Luckily, I can still post to this blog, but it’s a real pain not being able to process the photos from here.

    Not your problem, I know… sorry for whining.

    Ride well,

  7. Rob Tsou Says:

    Nice pictures Gary! If you ever get the chance, you need o check out the Barber Museum in Birmingham, AL. It’s awesome and that’s probably understating it a bit. The bonus is the track which is more like a park than a race venue. Combining a track day or race event with the museum is a day (or two) well spent.