Ramble Plan Two: Mississippi Meander

Weather: Rumors of Rain

Riverside Rest Stop
Scarlet relaxes on one of the twisty bits of pavement down along the river.

The photo above was taken a few days ago, when the sun was out and the roads were dry. Scarlet and I rode to work in the rain yesterday, and Frogwing and I left a half hour early this morning in order to miss the showers that are tracking this way on radar. I’ve never known Autumn to bring so much precipitation before. I suppose we are making up for our dry Summer.

Ramble Plan Two takes in much of my original route to work, which I adhered to through most of last Winter. But instead of staying on the main parkways, we spend some time exploring many of the little roads which lead to parkland along the riverbanks. The Twin Cities are really doing a good job of preserving public land along the Mississippi.

Scarlet and I stopped several times along the way. While she leaned casually on her sidestand, I enjoyed river views from several different perspectives. There were park benches situated high above the river on the bluffs, and picnic grounds right down by the water’s edge. It was a peaceful, contemplative journey, and for once I arrived home with a restful heart.

There were a couple of these little access roads which tempted me to play speed racer, but the sightlines weren’t there for successful apex-strafing. Cages constantly come and go along these roads, and most of the drivers are not focused on driving. The scenery is too distracting.

So we behaved ourselves, that afternoon. But I am thinking we may have to come back and visit very early some Sunday morning…

Yes, Ramble Plan Two is a keeper, for those days when work has been extra-stressful, and I don’t feel much like talking to other folks. I’ll just sit down by the riverside and let the current wash my cares away.

By the time I walk through my front door at home, I’ll be a Happy Daddy again.

6 Responses to “Ramble Plan Two: Mississippi Meander”

  1. irondad Says:

    Yeah, but don’t you miss the excitement of those big black trucks?

  2. Gary Charpentier Says:

    Irondad: Believe it or not, some days I don’t. We all need a little down-time. Don’t we?

    Ride well,

  3. Steve Williams Says:

    Those big black trucks scare me. The only time they don’t is when they’re stopped and those little guys climb down out of them.

  4. Biker Betty Says:

    Ramble Plan Two sounds really nice. To sit by a river sounds great for stressful days or anytime.

  5. Dick Aal Says:

    What really bothers me is when I come around a blind curve to find one of these big black trucks trying to uturn on a narrow two lane road with them rlight broadside in front of me. They don’t care if they get hit but I sure don’t want to hit them while on my bike!!. This has happened too many times to count.

  6. Gary Charpentier Says:

    Steve: I don’t care who gets down from the cab… Nobody who walks on two legs is going to be as dangerous on the ground as they are behind the wheel of one of those. That’s probably why, whenever I confront them, they stay in the truck.

    Betty: I found the same to be true of the ocean, back when I was stationed in California. Water has a soothing effect by it’s mere presence. When it’s moving and making noise, even more so. I love the Mississippi.

    Dick: I think we’ve all experienced that. I know I have. It’s not just that they don’t care, but that they don’t even THINK! Surrounded by all that metal, they feel invulnerable. They do what they want, and let others look out for THEM. It’s that blissful ignorance that also pays for those horrendous fill-ups. Well, whatever… nothing we say here is going to change them.

    Ride well,