Mystery Revealed…

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Today I unmasked the Mysterious Red KLR Guy. He is not my doppelgänger. I couldn’t grow a mustache like that in a million years.

It’s kind of sad, now that I think about it. Kind of takes some of the zest out of my daily ride. But while I have lost a mysterious character in my day-to-day story, I may have gained a new friend.

His name is Steve, and he is a daily motorbike commuter. This morning he was riding his black Kymco Bet and Win 150. Nice scoot. The chassis is very similar to Scarlet’s, but he has a much better headlight.

We came together at a fortuitous stretch of West River Road. He raised his hand to wave, as he always does, and I waved my arm crazily, motioning him over to the turnout on my side of the road. He slowed and did a smooth U-turn, and pulled up next to me.

I introduced myself, and we shook mitten-clad hands. I told him about this blog, and that he had been a recurring character in it. He had no idea. However, he had seen me on TV, last Winter with the Red Baron.

Then I told him about First Thursday, which happens to be tonight. Steve said he will try to make it, if he can “get away”. If he shows up, I will have to get a photo of the two of us with our scoots. He tells me that he doesn’t intend to ride all Winter long, like I do. But we’ll see if I can’t give him some tips that will extend his riding season a little bit.

Yes, it’s First Thursday again (already!). I can’t believe how quickly October passed. It is only supposed to get up to about 37° F today, so I’m betting only the hardcore riders will show up at Dulono’s tonight. That’s all for the better, as I can spend more time with my friends and move around more freely. The crowd scene during the normal season gets to be too much.

Well, it’s time to punch the clock and get to work. I’ll write up First Thursday tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Mystery Revealed…”

  1. jim Says:

    Glad to find out about the mystery rider. Man are we a bunch of wusses down here. It is rare to see any bikes on the road this time of year. We rode up to Carthage Mo. last Sat. and I don’t recall waving at anyone on the rural roads. There were a couple in town though.

  2. Biker Betty Says:

    That’s neat that you finally got to meet him. Have fun tonight.

  3. irondad Says:

    I hate it when some mysteries are revealed. The romance and adventure of what might be is suddenly gone. On the other hand, I have that type of personality that just can’t let things go unanswered. So I would have done what you did, unfortunately. Did I miss something? If you’re going to unmask the guy, do it right. Is he or is he not also the RKLR guy? If I fell asleep in class just slap me awake.

  4. Gary Charpentier Says:

    irondad: SLAP!!!

    I just did that for the fun of it. Yes, he told me that he rode the Red KLR until just recently, when he switched over to his little black scooter.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t show for First Thursday tonight. Or maybe he showed too early, and didn’t see any bikes in the lot, so he rode away. I won’t know until the next time I flag him down….

    Ride well,

  5. Steve Williams Says:

    I think it’s pretty cool that we can make minor celebrities of people and they never know it. It raises some ideas in my head for future posts. Maybe I can begin making riding and driving awards to strangers…..

    Anyways, it’s great you finally did unmask the stranger. I never feel bad learning how the magic trick was done and the unmasking is much the same.

    Who will you reveal to us next?


  6. Gary Charpentier Says:

    Steve: “Who will you reveal to us next?”

    See the next post… Buster Brown takes a bow!

    Making riding and driving awards to strangers? THAT sounds intriguing. I’ll watch for it.

    Ride well,