Spring Cleaning

Weather: 45° (7°C) Showers and Thunderstorms
Road Conditions: Wet, with standing water in places.

Frogwing and scooter on the old Main Street of Sandstone, Minnesota.

The rains came in the wee hours this morning. There was no flash of lightning, nor crash of thunder to announce their arrival. The clouds kind of crept in on the westerly wind and began rinsing us down quite gently. It was as if Mother Nature had decided to let us sleep, while she begins her Spring Cleaning ritual this year. She is not always so accomodating…

When this storm passes, it will be riding season for real. Unless it snows, of course. This IS Minnesota, after all.

Nope, I’m not even going to entertain that possibility. MNDOT, put the salt truck drivers into street sweepers, and let’s get this show on the road! (Pun intended.)

It is in the spirit of Spring Cleaning that I offer the photos here on this page. These are leftovers from our long ramble last weekend. Up top we have a shot of the old main street through Sandstone, Minnesota.

The old bank building on the left is now called “The Gaslight Tavern”, and it is a very classy joint indeed. I have spoken to the owners, and plan to do a review on the place, as soon as they open their steakhouse in the building on the right of the photo, later this year. Maybe I’ll get a small group together for the ride, and make it an Event.

Frogwing calls in Close Air Support!

The second photo was taken at an airfield just outside of Moose Lake. For the purposes of RHR, I think it calls to mind my desire to be a bit more tactical in my ride planning during the coming months. This is becoming more of a challenge as traffic congestion increases on the freeways, and frustrated drivers resort to technical trickery to sniff out all the good sidestreets.

I want to get out beyond this I-94 loop which surrounds and defines our Twin Cities. The trouble is, there’s a whole layer of bedroom communities that have to be penetrated in order to get out to the Good Roads. That means dealing with horrible traffic in all directions.

MNDOT and the local governments do nothing to help this situation, but that is going to be a topic for an upcoming post. Suffice to say that I am going to spend more time over the maps this year, so I can spend less time in traffic.

The rain will continue throughout the weekend, if what I see on the radar is true. Time to put on my General’s hat and cook up some new Ramble Plans.

7 Responses to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. AZ Lucky Says:

    That helicopter has nothing on Frogwing.

  2. Gary Charpentier Says:

    Thanks, Lucky. I appreciate the sentiment, but I would love to have the Cobra when it comes time to deal with gridlock. Over has always been a better option than through…

    Ride well,

  3. combatscoot Says:

    I’ve always liked getting out to explore for new routes. You can find some really neat roads, and destinations that way.

  4. Harvey Binder Says:

    There are some really nice rides between us. So far I’ve only really seen them on maps myself. If you chose to come up in this direction maybe we could all meet somewhere.


  5. Gary Charpentier Says:

    CSJohn: That’s what RHR is all about.

    Harvey: Rest assured, once I take delivery of the GTS, I will seek you out. I’m depending on you to show me the best roads and diners in the Saint Cloud area.

    Ride well,

  6. Biker Betty Says:

    That is a very cool picture of Frogwing with the helicopter.

  7. Gary Charpentier Says:

    Thanks, Betty. They look like Brothers in Arms, don’t they?