Spring Flood Run, 2007

Weather: 80°F (27°C) and sunny.
Road Conditions: Dry and crowded with motorbikes.

This guy was putting on a kick-start demonstration, unsuccessfully…

This year’s Spring Flood Run was bigger than I’ve ever seen it. The weather was gorgeous, and the bikers showed up in the thousands. I’m going to tell most of this story in photos, because I’ve got a lot of those, and not a lot of time. Life has gotten busy again…

The athletic fellow at the top of the page was too busy to chat. He was trying to get his high-compression, high-dollar custom bobber to start, so he could continue south on Wisconsin Highway 35 with the rest of the riders. It never even fired for the five minutes I stood there watching him. But he had plenty of guys stopping by to offer advice.

Main Street, Prescott, Wisconsin, about 11 in the morning.

As many of you know, I’m not much into crowd scenes. I don’t like waiting in lines, be they in traffic or on foot, and that’s a large part of what people do at the Flood Run. The upside of that, of course, is that you get to socialize with people you’ve never met, but who obviously share some of the same values. This is usually a good thing.

But it seems that riders start showing up in Wisconsin for this event earlier every year. Again, probably a good thing, because it spreads the massive amount of riders out over a longer distance. There are statistics available relating to Flood Run attendance, but those are only for the ones who actually registered and paid a donation to charity in order to enjoy some of the special events. The majority of riders I met were simply showing up.

From left to right: Wayne, Dave, and Jason.

I spoke briefly with the three gents in the photo above. But my notes got scrambled in my pockets, and all I retained were their names. Just three guys on interesting bikes, especially that Ducati 996 Monoposto. Victory was well represented at this rally too, and of course there were legions of Harleys.

But, there were also some scooters in attendance. I caught Don and Jacque Cody as they rolled into town on their Honda Reflex 250s. I also wrote down their phone number, so I could get further information, but life has kept me busy since Saturday, and I’m afraid I never made the call. If you’re reading this, Codys, I apologize.

Don and Jacque Cody, Honda Reflex 250s.

In the last of my “Meet the Riders” images, we have Brad and Mason from Elsworth, Wisconsin. This was young Mason’s first motorcycle run, and both father and son were enjoying themselves immensely.

I wish I would have thought of bringing Emily along with me, but I’m afraid she would have gotten bored with daddy stopping to talk to strangers and taking pictures all the time.

Brad and Mason from Elsworth, Wisconsin.

Frogwing and I only rode as far south as Maiden Rock this year, because I had to be home by late afternoon. The city I live in has decided to get all militant about code enforcement, and I have to scrape and paint all the trim on my house, or face Horrible Consequences.

Trouble is, once I have done that, they will send the inspector back out to find something else wrong with Ton-Up Manor. I’m sure my neighbors have already complained about the tarp covering the roof on my poor old shed. Like many of you real riders out there, landscaping and household maintenance aren’t exactly my number one priorities.

10 Responses to “Spring Flood Run, 2007”

  1. Dick Aal Says:

    I notice nobody is wearing helmets. There must not be a helmet law in Wisconsin and maybe not Minnesota? Coming from California it is strange to not see helmets. I started wearing full face when I started riding in ‘68 and never go with out one. I have put scars on most of them. I also never drive a cage without a seat belt. Both mandated by law here in California but it is second nature to buckle up now. I did start wearing a helmet here before it was law and I don’t even remember when the law took effect here. It must be a slow crawl ride or do most people in Wisconsin not wear helmets?

  2. Buster Brown Says:

    I remember when Minnesota had a helmet law and California didn’t. Very few Harley or cruiser riders around here wear helmets. Just about everybody else does, even though they are not mandatory in MN, WI, IA, ND, or SD. Nebraska is the closest state with a helmet law. Many Harley riders on their way to Sturgis will avoid it for that reason, thereby missing some great rides through the sand hills.

    No Flood Run for me this year. I spent the weekend putting wire in the ground for an invisible fence for my dogs. I don’t actually do the Flood Run, but usually take back routes to Maiden Rock for some tire kicking. Every few years I will go as far as Minneiska to park up on the bluff and watch the squidware drag races. This allows me to return home via MN 60 and Goodhue Co. Rd. 7 through Vasa and Welch.

    Sorry to hear that the code nazis are on you, Gary. One of my worst nightmares has them knocking at my door with orders to clean up my yard. Have I told you that my neighbors hate me?

  3. Sidewalk Dan Says:


    Looks like your tech bubbas fixed the green/tan background – as things are back to the old style.

    Thanks for a great ride tonight. I hope I lived up to the RHR bar that you have set for the past few years. I’ll send out a ride report in the coming days.

    Sidewalk Dan out.

  4. Bill Sommers Says:

    Wow, you actually have people that force you to keep up with the Jones’s? We now have “Junk car enforcement” people from the city that let you know when they have determined that your parked car is “junk”, and you must remove it. Wait till they see my Citation, I’ll probably go straight to jail.

    Glad to see that the biker run events are in full swing. We crank things up in May.

    Have fun,

  5. Buster Brown Says:

    Gary, your tech bubbas need a talkin’ to. I am seeing a green background, but alternating comments are in white blocks, with the same white text as on the green areas. I am typing in black, but I had to highlight Dick and dan in order to read their comments.

  6. Gary Charpentier Says:

    Sorry about the glitch with the Comments backgrounds. I’ve put in a call to My People, and we will try to get it straightened out today.

    Once that is done, I will respond to your comments as usual.

    Ride well,

  7. seagullplayer Says:

    Yet another good reason to never live in the city, codes…

    Indiana has no helmet law, I have taken to wearing one on my commute to work everyday. But I’m still lidless weather permitting on my few and far between “joy rides”. I have to say that the more I wear one(fullface), the more I miss not having it on.

  8. Gary Charpentier Says:

    Dick: It looks like Buster has answered your question for me. FWIW, on Sunday, riding back from Wisconsin again, I got caught in a short hailstorm. Not a problem, with my Aerostich, full-face helmet, and heavy gloves. But there were several of these “bikers” stopped alongside the highway, ducked down beside their bikes with their jackets over their heads.

    Buster: You HAVE told me about your neighbors, the last time we talked about the code nazis. The wave of gentrification has been moving outward from the `Cities, but maybe this housing slump will slow it down some. I’ll bet you are safe for another few years, anyway.

    Sidewalk Dan: Sorry I didn’t come play in the mud with you in that railroad yard, but Frogwing and I don’t like mud very much. I hope I made up for it by chewing on your rear tire in the twisties… ;^)

    Bill: That’s a good way to put it. But when the Jones’s are on the city council, often running unopposed, they can pretty much make up any damned rules they want.

    Buster: How does it look now? Your browser may need to refresh the “style page” – or whatever it’s called. It will do that automatically after awhile, or you can force it by pressing the control key while clicking on refresh.

    SGP: I started riding without a helmet whenever I was off-base in SoCal. But I soon learned how powerful the forces of physics can be, even at slow speeds on the unforgiving asphalt. I’ve tried riding the scooter without a helmet on a couple of occasions, but it never felt right.

    When I thought of my daughter growing up without her daddy, because of a stupid choice I made based on vanity, I vowed to wear a helmet always ever-after.

    Ride well,

  9. Sidewalk Dan Says:

    Tire chewing indeed. I expect nothing less!

    I just sent you an email with my write up. I hope it is ok.

    See you Saturday. You too Buster!

  10. shaun Says:

    I LOVE STP they got me 2 years ago with my garage and house numbers