Arizona Lucky and the Savoy Pizza Review

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Arizona Lucky meets Frogwing… Joy ensues.

We were supposed to get together last Sunday…

Arizona Lucky, and his Lady Luck, had come up to visit relatives and friends for the Minnesota State Fair and other local attractions. But they got so busy with these things that we finally had to reschedule for Thursday night. That meant fighting late rush-hour traffic, around dinner time, but it all worked out just fine in the end.

Both Minnesota natives, they now live in the great state of Arizona, where you can ride year-round, if you can stand the 100°F + temperatures.

Arizona Lucky writes the blog linked in my sidebar called, strangely enough, “The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour “. This man is a connoisseur of crusts, a sage of sauces, and a Titan of toppings (Alliteration is such an ugly thing, when it gets out of control…).

I wanted to test his expertise on the best pizza within my stomping grounds, but I didn’t really have a clear favorite. My family and I kind of like a place called Carbone’s, which is close to home, but more often than not, we end up with a Take-n-Bake from Papa Murphy’s ™.

So last night found Amy, Emily, and I at the corner of Seventh Street and Lafayette near downtown Saint Paul. Savoy’s Pizza resides there, and they are the oft-recognized champions of the local pizza scene. Ask anyone, from Hastings to Hinckley, where the best pizza is, and they will likely tell you Savoy’s.

The crowd inside certainly confirmed this, when we arrived shortly after six pm.

Don’t click on this image unless you want to drool on your keyboard.

But I won’t presume to go in-depth on a pizza critique when I know that the maestro himself is going to hold forth on his own site at a later date.

Let me just tell you that everyone at the table was really satisfied, and you can see for yourself that the pizza was packed with quality toppings. If I had to voice any complaint, it would be that there wasn’t enough sauce. Savoy is supposed to have a sublime, spicy sauce on their pizza, but I could barely detect it under the mass of toppings on their house Special pizza.

Next time, I’ll order a side of sauce for dipping.

So, that was all we saw of Arizona Lucky and Lady Luck. They will be flying back south soon, away from our unpredictable weather. Arizona might have cooled down a bit since they’ve been gone.

Let’s hope so, for their sake.

14 Responses to “Arizona Lucky and the Savoy Pizza Review”

  1. Bro Shagg Says:

    Jeez- spoke too soon! (See last post…) I can’t get the larger picture- The keys are too slippery from all the drool from the smaller picture!

    I like the forks and knives in the pic. This looks like the kinda pie that can only be eaten with two hands. If ya ain’t usin’ all ten digits, the stuff will slide right back on the plate! Silverware is for amateurs!

  2. Steve Williams Says:

    Lucky looks pretyt happy on Frogwing. Perhaps too much so to show the requisite reverence required routinely to ride respectfully on such a machine.

    Or not.

    That pizza looks great, even while I am downing my bowl of shredded wheat. I look forward to his review.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  3. Buster Brown Says:

    I have never had a bad pizza at the Savoy? But did you ever hear about the time Bud Kelly set the table on fire?

  4. shaun Says:

    NICE….. I like the zza. Rode up to the range this weekend. It was nice. Gave the God son my old BMX (the GF brought it up with her). Pa and I took on some High Life and won. The step bro in law and my self clubbed threw 9 holes and sucked. It was nice to get up there and supper nice to ride up there. (if you ever get up to pine city you should check put the pizza pub (thats the name))

  5. seagullplayer Says:

    That looks like one nice pie!

    I have been eating a lot of frozen pizza these days, I’m a Papa Johns fan myself. But my wife makes a mean homemade that is my favorite of all, I need to take that woman some flowers and beg…

  6. Harvey Binder Says:

    I think I ‘et’ at the Savoy once… Because I remember the Pizza being exceptional. Caught up on some of your other posts and suffice it to say, I would that I had more time to ride over the peak of summer. Alone, with someone… the house, the hailstorm, family, more family, and a need to keep the homestead as it should be took precedence. Even Annette told me to either ride or pull out the guns so I could get back to being myself. So I did and here I am. By the way, wanna do some shooting or hunting in the not too distant future? My treat.


  7. Arizona Lucky Says:

    Hey Gary,

    You’re too kind. I’m just a guy that likes pizzas and motorcycles too much.

    It was great meeting you all. Next time we’ll get out for a ride for sure.

    Incidentally, Lady Luck and I drove through Como park as a detour on our way to the airport (the really scenic route). I couldn’t believe that so many people were parked that far away for the state fair. We couldn’t have gone into the conservatory if we’d wanted to!

  8. Orin Says:

    Ohh, the humanity! Forget the drool, there are teeth marks on my monitor… that pizza looks SOOO GOOOOD!!!

    Scootin’ Old Skool

  9. Gary Charpentier Says:

    Thanks for the comments, everybody. Life has gotten a bit too hectic for me to answer individually right now. Nor do I have any time, at the moment, for further entries.

    Rush Hour Rambling is on hiatus for awhile. Check back from time-to-time, explanation will be forthcoming…

    Please continue to enjoy the blogs linked in my sidebar, and visit the other parts of the Ride to Work dot Org website.

    Ride well,

  10. Travis Says:

    hey, its been awhile since you wrote this…. hope you’re doing alright. no frogwing down incidents or anything.

    post up.. without the ramblings of other motorcyclists online, i’ll have nothing to read at work.

  11. conchscooter Says:

    Hoping all is well in the frozen north.

  12. Gary Charpentier Says:

    All will be `splained this weekend.

    Ride well,

  13. Be A Super Dad Says:

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    I will definitely read your diary..
    Thank you

  14. dimaks Says:

    that is one hell of a yummy pizza!