It was a beautiful summer day in Santa Cruz California. I was on my way home from work on my 2002 GSXR 1000. I was traveling on a 2 lane road behind an old yellow F150 pickup truck. He put his right turn signal on and started to slowly change lanes. I started to pass on his left side as he was now partially in the right lane when he suddenly to my suprise decided to make a U TURN. As shocked as I was I did not panic and pound the rear brake. I grabbed a handfull of front brake which caused me to do my first stoppie. After comming to a complete stop i was close enough to touch his gas cap. I did so and sounded my oem horn. He did not hear me or see me ( WOW). He continued on his way not ever aware that he almost took me out. I saw a show where a verteran motorcyclis said that you should ride like everyone was out to kill you. After this experience I belive this is the way to ride.

Louie Sparks