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Additional content such as:
Political News, Interviews with everyday commuters, daily riders, lawmakers, planners, visionaries, and troublemakers. International, a look at what's happening with related trans-portation issues around the world. Rider/Writer, features written specifically for publication here, (send us something). Letters, (write it down and send it). Book Reviews of Relevant Literature, some Humor to offset the Law and Politics stuff that will probably find it's way here. We also hope to create brief Urban Guides for motorcyclists covering our 15 biggest cities, featuring an overview of parking and other matters of interest to the everyday commuter/rider. If you would like to earn a pittance and some recognition, this plan...And your ideas for doing it...Are flexible. So let us know. The same goes for yet-to-be-developed Advocacy Kits for police, health care, businesses, etc.