"use your signal lights, you @#$%!"


I was on my way home, enjoying a quiet ride home. I'm on a 4 lane highway and it was around lunch time so it had minimal traffic. I'm on the outer most lane and was following a car in front with about a 2 second interval. Were approaching an overpass so it split the road, 2 lanes going up the overpass and the other 2 lanes would go staight ahead. At the foot of the overpass on the right was a corner going into a village. And this car, suddenly made a right without signalling. Crack, boom! He turned into me as I skid on the side of his car, my elbow hitting his side view mirror as I hit my brakes and almost tipped end over (by hitting the front brakes), my right shoulder impacting his windows but I was still standing and so was my bike. My leftside mirror was bent, nothing serious. After Moving out of the way, the guy had the audacity to ask me for monetary compensation for his broken sidemirror and the dents and scratches on his car. He was asking me for Php 8,000 (roughly a little over US$100). I gave him about Php 3000 for the sidemirror and called it quits. The nerve of that guy.

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Why did you give the guy

Why did you give the guy money?! He was obviously at fault and should have been paying compensation to you!

Anyway, glad to hear you maintained control of your bike. Were your shoulder and elbow badly injured? You would at least get bad bruising from braking the mirror.