Issue 1


AMA - American Motorcyclist Association
1315 Yarmouth Drive
PO Box 6114
Pickerington, OH 434147
Phone: (614) 856-1900
Fax: (614) 856-1920

MRF - Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Box 1808
Washington, DC 20013-1808
Phone: (202)546-0983
Fax: (202)546-0986

MSF - Motorcycle Safety Foundation
2 Jenner Street
Suite 150
Irvine, CA 92718-3800
Phone: (949)727-3227
Fax: (949)727-4217

How to Become a RTW Shop

By making a $1000 contribution or by the recommendation of 3 RTW riders.
You Must Pledge To Provide: 2 hr tire changes (tires in stock) and 2 hr oil changes and 1 day tune ups.
RTW Shop Recognition can be rescinded on 3rd report of non-compliance with this pledge.
RTW Shops Receive: Wall plaque and sticke

Coming Next

Additional content such as:
Political News, Interviews with everyday commuters, daily riders, lawmakers, planners, visionaries, and troublemakers. International, a look at what's happening with related trans-portation issues around the world. Rider/Writer, features written specifically for publication here, (send us something). Letters, (write it down and send it). Book Reviews of Relevant Literature, some Humor to offset the Law and Politics stuff that will probably find it's way here.