Excerpted from Rider Magazine
Aug. 2000
by Clement Salvadori
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"Going to work, whether at a factory, an office or a retail shop, happens 10 times a week...if you count the going-home part. Let us say your commute is 20 miles each way, 200 miles a week, 50 weeks a year, for a grand total of 10,000 miles.
Now we get mathematical. If your Dodge Caravan is delivering a snappy 16 mpg, that means you have pumped 625 gallons into the tank. At $2 a gallon, that equals $1,250. If your bike is getting 40 mpg, that means 250 gallons, or $500.
By the way, AAA figures the average cost of driving a mile in your sedan is up to 45 cents-figuring in not only fuel, but insurance, depreciation and all the rest. As opposed to that Kawasaki KZ550 you just picked up for the proverbial song...Let us not go there.
Riding to work not only saves you a pleasing sum of money, but also decreases the amount of gas you use. Which may not please the shareholders of Occidental Petroleum, but certianly appeals to the economic (and environmental) health of this great nation".