don't commute when ill...


I commute from wakefield to Hull (in the UK) everyday, about 115m round trip. Been feeling a bit rough for a few days, went to work anyway, as the day dragged on I felt worse, and worse. Gave up after lunch and stupidly thought I'd make it home ok. Got out of Hull, onto the M62, then off it again due to a police diversion. Held it together until rejoining the motorway some miles later, felt really bad and totally messed up the corner and hit the crash barrier about 45mph and fell off, the bike (moto guzzi aluminium) carried on without me to the end of the slip road then toppled over. I lay there thinking ooowwww, my leg hurts. Got carted off in an ambulance while the police recovered the bike.
Just severe bruising and am writing this whilst off sick for 3-4 weeks. Despite me asking the cops to use my insurance they used a local firm - costing a total of £270!!!!!!! To recover a bike 10m and store it 72hrs. What a rip off! The bike held together well and a combination of used spares & ebay means I'll get it sorted for about £150.
I got off light, my first at fault accident for nearly 30yrs riding and I learned a lesson, don't commute when you're not well.

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bad luck mate

bit of bad luck that one. Got to admire anyone who does a 115m round trip every day. After a brief spell with a Hornet 600, I flogged it and bought a new car - Fabia VRS. Both to tears with it already and I can see us parting company in the next few months for another bike. What I'd like though, is a do it all commuter/tourer combined with something with a bit of go. Something I can use year round in chilly Scotland and never have to rely on a car again.
Any tips?

From a South American Spirit Rider

Hi. I ride my sweetie (Honda Shadow Spirit 1994) every day through some of the worst and wet roads in my side of the country (Venezuela) up to my lab, about 100 kms round trip. Lastly the rain (the entire day, every day)has made me store her in my living room and use the car. Last december had a wreck at 40 kmh/h and broke my left ankle (old tires had a lot of guilt, but when replaced them everything is just ok). If you need a tourer / commuter, buy an honda Pacific Coast as new as you can afford. It´s kind of an Honda Civic in two wheels and needs even less maintenance that the standard Shadow, and has a nice windshield, a trunk with space enough for what you could need every day, including a couple of tire repair can. I had an old Yamaha virago, very good for traffic, has power, but kind of short and light for long trips like mines when I have to face big trucks. Happy to give some tips,

I also use a Hornet 600

I also use a Hornet 600 everyday to commute through Sheffield in my suit (suit for the office - not bike suit). Get some funny looks but I love it. This time of year is a bit wet though and so I'm wearing a wierd combination of Skiwear / Mountain bike gear to try and keep dry.

Recently the bike went in for some work and I had to break out the old 50cc scooter that I bought of someone for £100, worked perfectly and I got to work very dry. I'm not suggesting that you get a 50cc, but I'm seriously considering a Burgman or Piaggio X9 which can be picked up for reasonably cheap and have excellent weather protection, and storage on board for spare helmets, briefcases, laptops etc.

My bike instructor had a Burgman 650 which had plenty of go in it, a bit pricey though.

A tip

Kawasaki vulcan 750;