The public misses important truths about motorcycling because they learn about riding mostly from three traditional sources: One - motorcycle sport activities, Two - social /charitable /rally gatherings, and Three - motorcycling's ongoing political and issue related activism. Everyday riding surrounds and supports all three yet is less understood and appreciated by the general public. Ride to Work events, programs and activities can change this.

Increasing participation in this year's 10th annual Ride to Work Day (the third Wednesday in July every year..this year it's the 18th) is vitally important. Beyond helping have this day reach a higher profile, there are a variety of other new Ride to Work programs supporting everyday utility riding. Each helps motorcycling to be more widely viewed as a social good.

In addition to the awards and scholarships described below, Ride to Work has other guides, tools and programs not yet operative. Resources determine the scope of Ride to Work operations. Your contribution today will make a difference for motorcycling's tomorrow.