Motorcycles Excepted

Monkey wrenching bicycle rights advocates in Melbourne, Australia have been amending a wide range of parking and traffic control signs with stickers reading �Bicycles Excepted�. The principle of having formal parking and traffic regulation incentives to help increase desirable transportation bicycling (or motorcycling) is valid...even if these ecotactics aren�t.

Placing official-looking �Motorcycles Excepted� stickers near the coin slots on parking meters would certainly arouse the ire of more than a few car and light truck drivers who were paying to use those spaces. Would the appearance of small �Motorcycles Excepted� stickers on parking meters lead to larger pro-motorcycle stickers defacing 'One Way', 'Speed Limit', 'No Passing' and other traffic advisory or regulatory signage? Outraged meter-feeding motorists would surely express concerns about such possibilities (and many others) to prevent existing laws and regulations from being revised to favor motorcycles.

In parking regulations, motorcycles deserve more than equal rights. Providing motorcycles some privileges and advantages is good for everyone because it
encourages the wider adoption of this beneficial type of vehicle. Lots of history, experience and logic support these kinds of affirmative actions. Because riding motorcycles for transportation is such a desirable social good, rewarding their increased use would benefit everyone. Unfortunately, this probably will not become apparent to general society all by itself.

Ride to Work does not endorse, encourage or advocate modifying parking meters, or any other traffic control signs, with illegal stickers. Making and using stickers like this:

would certainly provoke both motorists and political entities. �Motorcycles Excepted� stickers might even arouse an occasional public argument involving citizens, leaders and governing councils about the social value of motorcycling. Although riding for transportation is mildly seditious, motorcyclists should not fear such controversy. The facts are on our side. Motorcycling is a social good. Renegade outlaw motocommuters, unite!

- Andy Goldfine