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Having lived in Michigan, Illinois and Indiana for the previous 39 years, the move to Southern California three years ago has greatly enhanced my motorcycle enjoyment. I commute almost every day, 44 miles round trip. The morning and afternoon rush hours are terrible around here. Sometimes it takes 45-60 minutes to go 5 miles on the 405. My solution was to start commuting with my Kawasaki Concours. Since lane splitting is legal out here, I safely weave my way onto the 5 mph freeway and over to the car pool lane, which is usually moving at highway speeds. The extra hour I save in my commute each day allows me to enjoy my family time even more. I have set up my bike with auxiliary driving, running, tail and brake lights to help the cages see me and hopefully not illegally cut in front of me. The ride to and from work puts me in a great mood too. Nope, it's not twisties on Mt. Palomar, but at least I get the feel of the bike every day.

- Paul

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It is great!

Like you, I commute daily on my bike. I live in a metro area that has little traffic compared to the major cities but it still can take an hour to do the 20 miles on the eight lane bypass. Lane splitting is not legal here but the bike gets MPG's in the 60s with the slow rush hour traffic while my Avalanche gets way under it's normal 19 in crawling traffic. Just knowing the trip saves me $10 a day in gas on the bike puts me in a great mood. Recently I added a GPS to the bike and have had fun finding new ways to work without getting on the highway. You know people did it before the highways were built so there is a multiple of ways to get there. It takes longer and is a bit more miles too but very relaxing. Mostly older parts of the city with more shade and less sun soaked hot pavement. I don't mind the additional time and distance at all in those conditions, but hey, its the journey, not the destination for me.

Ride on!