01 HD Sportster 883 XLH

owner's life: I'm 35 and live in Tracy, CA. bike info: Bike was new in March 01. As of July 17th 01 it has 6900 mi. I commute Tracy - Alameda, about 100 mi round trip 3-4 times a week. This bike is narrow and perfect for lane sharing which is sometimes most of the commute. The Sportster is of simple construction and I can easily do all maintenance myself. I have it setup for solo riding with a rack for my briefcase. The rack can easily hold a tent, sleeping bag, and couple other small bags for camping or weekend trips. owner mods: I added after market exhaust, high flow air filter, and rejeted the carb. These small mods. added something like 10-20% (just a guess) more power. personal info: I work in Alameda at a wholesale distributor of fasteners. I pretty much stare at a computer all day. My commute by car was becoming unbearable, riding to work has made me a happier person in general. It probably saved my marriage. After a ride even a commute I am usually in a very good mood. Even on days when I have to drive my car I have fun watching bikes go by and try to identify the make and model. Ed Milts