06 stratoliner s yamaha JimNewman Fl.

everyday rider. already got 23k plus logged.


riding to work

I ride my 07 Ultra Classic (wore out my 05) 85.miles each way from the Tex/Ok border to DFW airport to give check rides on Corp.jets. Neat thing--I will soon be 70 years old. Been riding since age 14, including several years as traffic cop.

Ralph Turner

Ride to work every day.

I ride my Yamaha Virago XV250 to work every day. I get 80 MPG running at 50-65 MPH and put an average of 1000 miles a month on the bike. Made this decision two years ago when the gas prices started rocketing. Debbie Briscoe in Tn.

ride to work

Congratulations! I ride my 07 Ultra about half that to work each day unless it is below 35 degrees or raining (not sprinkles. I live in Oregon

I try to ride my 04 kaw.

I try to ride my 04 kaw. vulcan 2000 to work every day weather premitting.I average around 40mpg,@ 55-60mph.My
06 GMC Seirra gets about 17-18mpg on a good day.You do the math.

Ride to Work EVERYDAY

I ride (a 750 Honda ACE) to work everday except for ice and snow days. I live in Maryland. So far, I've only missed 3-4 weeks a year of riding. Electric (Gerbing) gloves/liners are the answer on cold days.
Thanks to a supporting husband, I road 118,000 miles on my 650 Shadow. The 750 still has a way to go.
Remember, "Everyday is a good day when you ride!" Ruth

Riding to work

I also ride to work almost every day the weather allows (I don't ride on ice or snow). I'm out there riding in January and February in St Louis MO where the winters can be cold.

Oh and I ride a Vespa LX 150 that I've had since March 13, 2006. The Yoda scoot as I've named it, has 12,6xx miles on it and still gives and gives.

I love my scooter!!!

Doesn't matter what you ride

As long as you ride it to work! I ride a 2000 Kawasaki Concours. It's a full fairing sport touring bike, but it's also the perfect commuter bike! The 997cc 4cyl motor and 7.5 gal tank, make for power and gas milage. I get around 40mpg at 55-65 mph.

Yay for Diane!

My first solo ride was today, riding to work.
I made it a personal goal, and it's going to happen tomorrow, and the day after and the day after...

Rode in today

I beat the thunderstorms in NYC today to ride my 2002 Electra Glide to the College where I work as a librarian. I have almost 250,000 miles logged on 14 different bikes over the last 25 years.

Start the day right (on your bike)!

My commuting ride of choice: 1988 Honda Hawk GT (approx. 50K miles on the odo)
My daily commute: 24 miles round trip (unless I get distracted by particularly nice weather and look for detours)
My location: Minneapolis, MN

I ride an average of 4 days per week throughout about nine months of each year. Electric jacket liner and gloves help on the cold days (down to 9 degrees F two years ago), as long as snow and ice don't come into play. Copious amounts of salt on the road is the main thing that keeps my bike at home.



96 Kawasaki

I ride 40 mi one way to work as often as I can and have almost 50K on my 1500 Classic (and of course I rode today). She's a joy to ride and as solid as the day I got her. Been tryin to talk myself into getting a new Kaw. 2000, but as reliable and comfortable as this one is it's hard to cut loose of the dough. Y'all be safe out there.
dw, Arkansas.

Ride to work Rain or Shine

I ride my K1200RS every day in Wet Washington 12 months a year. I have about 40k miles on the bike in a period of 3 years. I save 1 hour minimum everyday compared to Car. I had been riding since 1982 and could never give up riding.

You all be safe and keep the rubber side down. Seattle, WA.

Honda 160 Twin

I have been riding since I was about 14. For a 3 year period between 1967 and 1970 I did not own a car. I rode a 160 Honda twin about 20 miles each way to work. I started a new job in 1970 and had to get a car because of the increase in distance and the fact that I had 2 additional passengers each day. Just could not figure out how to get all 3 of us on the bike. I have always had a bike of some sort and still have my 160 and still ride in when I get a chance. It is just about to get broken in, it only has 268,000 miles and has never had any major work except clutches chains, cables brakes and tires.The engine runs just like it always has. It will still pull me at 85 mph sitting up and gets about 65 - 70 mpg if I ride the speed limits. I rarely ride fast much anymore as I enjoy looking at the sceanery more now then I did when I was younger. I usually leave it home when the weather gets really bad now. I also have a 600 BMW that I ride most of the time. I'm 65 and hope to ride for at least another 20 or so years. I live in the mountains of NC and sometimes the weather gets a little chilly. As near as I can remember I have had 26 different bikes through the years.

Saint Paul MN to Bloomington MN Daily

I ride my 2006 KYMCO Xciting 250CC Scooter for a round trip scoot of about 40 Miles, includes a short shot for Lunch. Minnesota Riding season is short so I try and make the trip everyday unless the Weather GURUs swear there will be Rain. As opposed to my 07 Accord's 25 MPG I get 62 to 65 MPG on the Scooter...mostly at 60 to 70 MPH during commute. I figure I save $3.72 per Day on Gas when I scoot. Ride Safe Everybody ! JCC

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2007 650 v-star silverado clasic

I purchased my bike a little over a year ago,due to stupid gas prices and i have logged ten thousand miles and this was my first bike and i hope to upgrade to a royal star some day.