07 Daytona 675

I just picked up this 07 D675 32 days ago and ride it daily. I have a 35 mile commute from the subs of Washington, DC. With all major highways around here have HOV restrictions and not wanting another car payment for a Hybrid or having to pick up extra people to ride with me, I bought another bike.

I bought my first bike in 1994 (89 Honda Cbr600) and had that until 2001 when I had my first child. This is the first bike I have owned since and I am glad I bought it.


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I have 07 D675 too. It's the best one I ever had. I bought it few days ago :) I just bought Ibiza Last Minute vacations and I want to take my D675 with me. I hope thats good idea. However Ibiza is quite small :(

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Somehow I feel that Japanese

Somehow I feel that Japanese bikes be it from the stable of Honda or Kawasaki there is a different air altogether that surrounds bikes made in America. I must add that BMW bikes too are great.