07 Kawasaki Ninja 650R

This is my commuter, last year I had an 86 1100 Honda Shadow...this year it was time for something new, a little bit sportier, and with ALOT better gas mileage...I tackle a 40 mile commute everyday and my bike makes it easy as pie to leave the stress @ work


I got one too!!

but mine is blue..

Im getting one to!

Im getting one to!

Cool this bike is my fav i

Cool this bike is my fav i use to have a 500 but upgraded to a 650 after a year.

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ninja 650r

This is a great pick as a commute bike, it's quick ,handles well, comfortable,good looking, great gas mileage if driven reasonable,It is great bang for the buck. I have 3 bikes and this is my commute bike. I have 19000 miles on it with no problems.I can easy get 60mpg but my range has been 49-71mpg.I did not need rear tires until 17,000 miles.I also have a Shadow but it is a 750 aero. Nice bike but not as good a commuter