07 Kawasaki Ninja 650R

This is my commuter, last year I had an 86 1100 Honda Shadow...this year it was time for something new, a little bit sportier, and with ALOT better gas mileage...I tackle a 40 mile commute everyday and my bike makes it easy as pie to leave the stress @ work


I got one too!!

but mine is blue..

Im getting one to!

Im getting one to!

Cool this bike is my fav i

Cool this bike is my fav i use to have a 500 but upgraded to a 650 after a year.

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ninja 650r

This is a great pick as a commute bike, it's quick ,handles well, comfortable,good looking, great gas mileage if driven reasonable,It is great bang for the buck. I have 3 bikes and this is my commute bike. I have 19000 miles on it with no problems.I can easy get 60mpg but my range has been 49-71mpg.I did not need rear tires until 17,000 miles.I also have a Shadow but it is a 750 aero. Nice bike but not as good a commuter

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Ninja has an updated engine

Ninja has an updated engine as well as design, it has excellent energy. The powerplant is designed for severe speed. Overall it offers high performance and having everything for what bike enthusiasts are looking for.

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