1960 MONTESA BRIO 110 125cc

This is my 1960 Montesa 125cc Brio. Believed possibly the last standard job to survive in the UK, as far as l know it is totally standard. It has a 125cc single cylinder twin exhaust port two stroke engine and 4 speed gearbox giving a top speed of 68mph which in 1960 "Motorcycling" magazine described it as the fastest 125cc yet to be tested by them. several unusual features include a rubber mounted float bowl to a downdraught 22mm Dell'Orto carburetter and also a very novel "push through" kickstarter pedal.
My father was the sole UK importer of these machines in the late 50s and he produced the "Sportman" version which he raced in the 1957 and 1958 Isle of Mann TT.

l would be pleased to hear from anyone who has a Brio or Impala.

All the best,

Jim Bound jnr.


David Gilmore (not verified)
montesa brio110

Hi Jim
Hi Jim

Hi Jim
I am the proud owner of a Brio110 that was registered in august 1959 by EMB motors which i believe was your fathers business.
I am also restoring a 1966 impala sport.
i can be contacted E-mail. kipps272@tiscali.co.uk

Regards Dave.