1966 Honda 150 "Dream"

When a colleague's husband died a few years ago, she gave most of this bike to me. I found the missing parts at Motorcycle Outpost junk yard in Missouri. Just last year (2006), I replaced what looked like the original tires with modern rubber.

This little squirt starts readily with either the kickstarter or the electric starter. It gets 60 mpg on regular gasoline. With a backpack, I can carry what I need for work and can do light shopping.

While I ride my bicycle or walk to work often, this bike provides a low cost alternative for trips in town that would require too much time (or effort) on a bicycle. I also get a kick out of the attention this antique gets from older riders who had a machine like it as their first bike.


Can you tell me if that bike

Can you tell me if that bike has a 12v or 6v system? Positive or neg ground? Any help will be appreciated as I am trying to help another owner out.

"My" 66 Honda Dream

My father had a 66 dream that he was wanting out of his garage. He asked me if I wanted it. Within 2 weeks, I drove from West Virginia to Atlanta GA to bring a piece of my past home. It hasn't been started in literally 22 years or more. The engine is locked up, the headlight is blown, but otherwise in very good condition. It is candy apple red and only needs a couple of things to get it going.
My question is: What is a bike like this worth? The rear tire still has the origional wide white wall as does the front, but a new tire was purchased in 1983 for the front, but was never put on. I still have that tire, too. I am debating selling it, but don't have any idea where to start. I would like to sell it 'as is' if I choose to take that route. What do you think?


oil changes

I have a 66 dream, purchased it earlier this summer. I'm not sure what the previous owner did for oil changes, is there any specific oil that is better for it? or just plain bad?


Nice Honda CA150 Dream

I have a 1967 CB160 Honda...great machines ..I also take it for occational drives through town.
...It's like a little time machine for me...had one just like it when I was 16.
Glad to know you are taking care of this little Honda and it's stil road worthy


6v neg ground

to the best of my knowledge

'66 honda 150 dream

My first bike was a Honda 150 Dream. It had been bored out to 160 cc. The owner's manual stated that it had 16.5 horsepower at the red line of 11,500 rpm. Also it was rated at 135 mpg at a constant 35 mph (no starts or stops). This was before EPA mpg ratings.

The previous owner bought it in boxes from a kid that tried to rebuild it. He put it back together, then decided to sell it. I bought it for $225. Without any service manual, I rebuilt the top end and had the valves ground. It ran great. I put 20,000 miles on it over the next two years. The highlight in 1974 was a 2000 mile trip from Indiana to North Carolina/Georgia/Tennessee. Had a sleeping bag and tent on the back. Did I mention that I spent $20 for gas on the trip? No gas gauge, so I would stop every 100 miles and fill it for $1. I averaged 80 mpg on the trip. I stayed away from the Interstates as it ran best at 50-55 mph. I had a blast. .


Oil Changes

It calls for 30 weight non-detergent oil.

66 honda dream

This was my first bike at age 16. The mileage with the small two cylinders and one carb was well into the 60 to 80 mpg range. I drove it on my paper route and everywhere around my small town. I paid around 200 dollars for the bike and put close to 20,000 miles on it before selling it to a high school class mate for 150 dollars. To be honest I still wish I owned it. I fell in love
with motorcycles with this bike.

it has a 6 volt system and a

it has a 6 volt system and a neg ground

Anonymous (not verified)
6v 12v?

It may be six or twelve volts. I remember that they switched over from one system to the other somwhere around 1966 in the middle of the year. If you have the model/serial number, a Honda dealer should be able to tell you which it is.


David Stephens (not verified)
Vin # Location

I have a 1961 150 Dream and cannot find the VIN # for a new title?
R. David Stephens

Robbie Jenkins (not verified)
1966 Honda Dream

I am restoring my 1966 honda dream after being in a box for 32 years. I have been very lucky in finding the parts to restore it. Will post photo when completed.

Paul (not verified)
1966 Honda dream 150 CA95

I am interested in locating an Owners Manual for this bike. Does anyone have some ideas besides ebay where I might obtain one? Al;so if anyone has the weight of this bike, it would be helpful. If you have a manual and do not want to get rid of it I would be willing to pay you for a copy of it. Thank You,

Norma J Lisa (not verified)
VIN Question - Similar to Yours - Hoping you got an answer

Did you ever get an answer as we have the same issue.. 1967 Vin can't locate on the bike. Please assist if you can.

Jess Brown (not verified)
Looking for help.

I have a '66 Honda Dream 150 with an interesting story. My father got it from my uncle about 27ish years ago when I was an early teen. A few years ago dad sold it to my nephew who promptly gave it to my kid brother. My nephew disassembled the bike to restore it, but died before he could finish it. Now the bike is in my shop. I would like to finish the job but several of the parts are missing. I need help locating parts. I live in north east Arkansas. Anyone have any ideas?

conwen (not verified)
what size tire does this

what size tire does this take

Andrew (not verified)
Parts for my 66 Dream

I had bought my 1966 Honda Dream 160cc in high school and am just now getting around to fixing it up. My question is where is a good source for parts? Any leads with be great.

Robbie Jenkins (not verified)
1966 Honda Dream

I do have a manual for the 1966 honda dream. I would be willing to copy all for $45.00 or just parts cheaper if you know which group of parts you need copies.

Dave (not verified)
Honda 150 Dream

I have a 1966 150 Dream looking for a good home. I would like to give it to someone who can/would restore it. It currently does not run, I put into storage in 83' and not started since. Needs left muffler, all else complete. I am in Oregon and will only consider serious offers for this bike.

Andy - in Gresham (not verified)
66' Honda 150 Dream

I would be very interested in having this restored, if you are serious about giving it to someone. I want to either buy a 1-2 year old bike ( try finding something this size for the street now-a-days) but I would love another Dream (I had an early 60's one back in the late 80's), I just want a professional to do the work to make sure it's done right. I never got my '61 running good enough to keep the battery charged *and* the headlight on!
How realistic is it for me to think I can get it restored?
Andy - In Gresham, Or.

bob Nowak (not verified)
looking to buy

Hi I'm looking to buy a honda 150 or 300 dream and want to give it a good home

bob nowak (not verified)

Just wondering do you have any pictures of it

Mike Schehen (not verified)
Honda Dream in Oregon

I too live in Oregon (Albany) and have been thinging about restoring a 150 Dream to ride during the summers. I have restored a couple of cars (a 66 mustang and a 56 ford f-100) but have never taken on a motorcycle. If you still have the bike e-mail me with some details and maybe I can come take a look? Thanks, Mike Schehen

Rick (not verified)
1966 Dream

Just wondering if you found a home for your Honda. I would be interested in it if you still have it. I live in Montana. Let me know. Thanks

Robbie Jenkins (not verified)
1966 Honda Dream CA 95

I wrote before while restoring my bike which had been stored in a box for 32 years. Three weeks ago we had a car and motorcycle show in our area. I won a plaque for the three best bikes. Then at the same time I won the trophy for the best bike. It still rides like a "DREAM".

mannish-boy (not verified)
restoration manual /general info. on 66' ca77 305 dream

Bought one complete (black) to do minor work on mon., buying another tmorrow (blue)!!!, these bikes are AWSOME!!!...anyone who's got extra parts for sale please consider me!?, ive got some friends interested in starting a club as they have dreams as well.
I'm in los angeles and traffic is to thick for a car so the dream is exactly that in traffic not to mention great! on gas., the looks are wonder ,suprize, and just smiles abound!....gotta go! the city streets are calling!!!............planning a road trip to tucson ariz. :)

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It's to bad the manual is missing when i started restoring my 66 ca95 i opened the left side cover and out falls the manual tool kit and an extra spark plug. the bad part was when i looked inside the frame on the air filter i found the mice had got in there and eaten the filter and many of the wires. I hate those little buggers! If u still haven't found your's Paul i could photocopy mine

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I dont think they have vin numbers. the serial number is on the left side on the clutch housing

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Where to find parts

There are several websites that carry many of the parts you need to restore your motorcycle. The one i use is cyclepartsnation.com
If you are looking for a local parts supplier check your local honda dealer. Who knows maybe they still have parts from when the dreams ruled the road.