1974 Yamaha TX 650

It looks pretty good for it age, I was thinking someone might get a kick out of seeing it, it is of a 1974 Yamaha TX 650, it was given to me free of charge so I took it in and worked it over, it has been my ride for the most part for all of the summer it runs 40 to 45 MPG fires first kick, it has electric start but it is so neat to watch people freak when you give the thing a kick and it fires rite up.

Brad B. Roseau, MN.


Jeff Person (not verified)
nice bike

I have a carbon copy of your bike. But instead of the little back on yours mine has the old school sissy bar looking back with a locking cover on it. Yours is in excellent shape for its age mine looks nice but could use a spit shine. I met the original first owner who bought it off the line. But yes looking at your bike was a nice kick.

JUDD (not verified)
Great looking TX. I have

Great looking TX. I have two, a '73 and a '75 XS. The '73 is a cafe racer, and the '75 will more than likely end up a fire- breathing street tracker. Love these bikes-they're awesome machines.

Brandon Johnson (not verified)

I have that exact bike just bought it, needs work but that seat is very cool looking how do I go about finding that seat.

Brad Bosch (not verified)
I made it. cut a pice of

I made it. cut a pice of styling foam and glased it then painted it.
Brad Bosch

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This is a very old model of

This is a very old model of bike, so people are working along with it.

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