1978 JC Penney Pinto Moped

This is a stock 1978 JC Penney Pinto moped (with custom rear cargo carrier). The engine was mfr'd by Puch. It is less than 50cc, gets 100 mpg, and the speed tops out around 30 mph. It is my daily driver. In the 3 years since I restored it, I've put about 2500 miles on it. Ol' Pinto gets me to work and back 5 days a week, to the grocery store, to the movies, you name it. If I can plan a route that keeps me on streets with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less, this is my ride, and I love it! wackyjacky1


i need a breather

hey can you help me get a breather i need one bad for the same 1978 moped JC Penney Pinto if you can e-mail me treverpitts@yahoo.com i tryed ebay and can't fimnd it no store stell so what can you help me please


I have moped just like yours needs front end. I may trade or sell or buy yours.


I have a hand-me-down Pinto. It has a few issues like the fact that the gas shut-off valve leaks profusely and the carburetor has some strange problem that keeps the gas from flowing into it! Is there any specific problem related to these things and their carburetors? It turns over, has compression, but there is NO fire!! Is there some specific starting technique to these things?


Clean the carb

Clean the carb and replace the air filter element and the fuel lines. Find a Puch dealer and see if they have a new "gas shut-off valve" (petcock) that will fit it or a gasket kit for the old one. You say there is no fire. Do you mean it won't start or that there is no spark at the spark-plug? Attach new plug to the plug wire and lay plug electrode against the motor and kick the ped to see if she is sparking.
Do you know if has points or electronic ignition? Points might be bad or out of adjustment if it has points.
Find a service manual for your Pinto it will be a big help.

Wacky Jacky

That's a neat old moped. I didn't even know Penny's sold them. Keep riding and have fun. Cactus Jack

Looking to buy Moped

Want to be straight up with everyone!! I lost my license for drinking and driving for a minimum of ten yrs. I am in recovery now since 2003 but this does not help me with my mobility issue. I have a opportunity for a new job that will require transportation and I believe this could be the answer. It is legal to drive in Nova Scotia as long as the moped is 50cc or under and can be operated under peddle power. Could desperately use some help.

Sincerely John McNamara

1978 jcpenny swinger2

I read your add. I got this off my ant.She had it since it was new they had two but she sold the other one. This is all original it's missing speedo and chain guards. runs fine needs alittle work as in brake pads and throttle cable.My email is willyfetter@yahoo.com Thanks

someone sell me there puch pinto/swinger.

I'm in California. please!! thanks, Rob trallpunk@aol.com

I have one, but I'm in Illinois

I have a 78 JcPenney Pinto. It needs some work. It runs for a few minutes and then dies out. Carb needs to be rebuilt and the pedal arm on the left side or crank arm is cracked. So it is hard to pedal start. If interested please email me back. Thanks, Gary garyankrom@yahoo.com

78 j c penny pinto

I found 2 at an auction not sure how to work on them my boys are interested in them (a moms way to do anything to keep them out of trouble if I can)can any one help for a site for parts or manuals any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU!!! Robin

very cool

very cool

cool scoot...

I think my fat a__ would burn that baby up, very sweet scoot, but I need the Harley power to move me around....

Road King Terry

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BRENTON C BECKETT (not verified)
1978 MOPED


Steve (not verified)
Moped Manuals, Parts and Accessories

Looking for Manuals, Parts or random accessories?
Manuals can pretty easily be obtained here: http://www.mopedriders.org/article_cat.php?fldAuto=2

Looking for mopeds themselves? Check E-Bay or your local craigslist listings. I've bought my last 3 off of craigslist for a grand total of $975! Time for moped polo!

Parts & Accessories, best bet is E-bay. There's one seller who specializes in mopeds, his e-bay store is here: http://stores.ebay.com/treats-hq-discount-puch-moped-parts

This guy carries parts for just about every older moped you can dream of! From Puch to Peugeot to Honda, the list goes on. Great parts, great prices, great service! Thanks to Treats I've fixed up a Honda Express (AKA NC50 1978), 2 Honda Hobbits (AKA CAMINO / PA50, 1978), and am currently working on a 1978 Pinto.

As for "Road King Terry" i'm not a small boy myself, but these little things can still move me around pretty well. I'm working on performance enhancing one of my Hobbits with a 50cc-70cc upgrade kit which should let me tear through the city pretty well.

Philippe (not verified)
This moped is awesome :) I

This moped is awesome :)
I als have one and I love it.
I'm willing to renovate it, so if people have some parts, let me know!

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moped luvr

Steve, thank you for those great links!

I am less than one day away form winning an ebay auction to get my hands one of these sweet little beauties... just curious, does anyone know what they originally retailed for... or how much they are actually worth now... no matter i'm getting the one anyway, just curious if i got myself a deal or not.

brett strickland (not verified)

i have the same moped but it is not a pinto it is a swinger made by the same company and am willing to sell but is in mint condition runes great needs one bolt i have new tires and inner tubes

Roger Orullian (not verified)
78 Pinto Moped

I am looking for a manual for this bike. If theres anyone who can help me with this or talk to me about some questions I have about this bike, I could really use the help.

pinto dave (not verified)
pinto moped

i am looking for rear fender and basket and front tire and tube or if you have a running one for sale but not for a arm and a leg let me know, in minnesota thanx

gregg kibler (not verified)
1978 Pinto scooter

looking for rings, jug, and piston

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1978 pinto parts

I have a extra motor,it's all there and extra set of handle bars,rear shocks.Anyone interested e-mail me j.abel@buckeye-express.com.I live in Toledo Ohio