1979 Vespa P200

other bikes: Only one owner's life: I am a 29yr old Network Salesman in Austn, TX. bike info: Ride to work every day weather permitting. Top speed is 55MPH. This P2 was red before we got a hold of her. She came over from LA. As it stands now the odometer says 34K but that doesn't matter because we swapped engines a few times. owner mods: New shocks, tires, wheels, engine, seat, grips, exhaust, clutch, cables, crash bars (rear not pictured), etc. Now we are in a break fix stage. These are easy to fix but they do take some TLC. I swear I have seen or replaced every piece of her. costs: Bought bike in Oct 99 from friend who owns several. Love the style and the design of the bike. Then you get 80-100 MPG and you can park it anywhere. No sidewalk is safe. They are very strong for their size. I can see why almost every family in Italy has at least one. personal info: Live and work in Austin, TX. Go on Vespa rides once a week and spend the rest of my time living in the live music capital of the world. Michael Walter


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The age of a bike is

The age of a bike is inversely proportional to motorcycle insurance rates. Meaning, the younger your bike, the more expensive the motorcycle insurance rate is.
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