1980 CX500

other bikes: 1976 Yam RD400, 1979 Yam RD250F, 1971 Yam CS3, 1929 BSA L29 350 flathead single, 1958 BSA C12 250 single OHV, 1966 Suzi U50 scooter 50cc.. all are being restored or nearly finished! owner's life: I own the bike.. in Ipswich.. near Brisbane Aussie 42 years old bike info: 12k km since engine rebuild... use day to day txpt for many applications.. approx 120km per day.. like.. power handling and comfort.. very very comfortable.. dislikes... hard to start on cold mornings... and brakes are not as good as they could be... owner mods: none costs: owned 4 months.. seems inexpensive compared to other bikes I have owned... and yet good economy and fast enough for fun... The CX Honda is a vastly underated bike and yet loved by all who have owned one personal info: Ambition is to ride around the world on a 1920's BSA to raise the awareness of mental illness in society.. it will take the route firt pioneered in 1926 to 1928 by the BSA factory tour.. kiwipete