1980 Handa CB900 Custom

other bikes: My girlfriend's CM400C is also in the photo. I got her into riding just this year, and she loves it. owner's life: Age 54. I live inMarblehead and work in Canton, MA. About 100 miles a day right through the heart of the Boston nightmare. bike info: This is a great all around bike, big enough for an Iron Butt ride and lots of distance cruising, but small and light enough to handle the commute every day. I put about 8000 a year on her, which is not too bad considering the New England winters and the fact that most weekends in the summer are taken up by my boat. owner mods: A Vetter fairing from an old Kawasaki, and Vetter trunk from an old Suzuki and a pair of Smith-Corona saddle bags give me all the storage I need. costs: The bike gets better than 40mpg, which is better than the 18 I get in my Mercury GM. personal info: I live aboard my boat, the Breakaway, a 35' Owens Concorde. Military studies and global politics are my major reading subjects, while fishing and cruising, with either two wheels or two engines, road or ocean. Richard Hamblen