1980 Yamaha XS850 Midnight Special


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some details on 1980 Yamaha XS850

As from the factory:
electric and kick start, air cooled, 3 cylinder, actual displacement 826cc (not 850cc), shaft drive, oil cooler, dual slotted front disk brakes, single slotted rear disk brake, electronic ignition, self canceling turn signals, 3 into 2 exhaust – pretty much state of the art for a street bike of that year

The XS850 evolved from the 1977 XS750 which was “bike of the year”

This particular motorcycle is still with-in 20 miles of where it was purchased new. The frame and engine serial numbers are matching. The numbers do indicate it as a 1980, but are lower than the actual published serial number for a 1980. Near stock, the only known changes are the sissy bar, new mufflers, tires, and seat cover.