1980 Yamaha XS850 Special

A recent rebuilt project resurrected from rust and cracked rubber, 'Sweet Melissa' is my high-desert open road queen!

1980 XS850SG - in-line 3 cylinders, shaft drive, 5 speed... So much fun!



Wow what a clean 850SG. You did a nice job on Sweet Melissa. Makes me want to find one. Ride far and prosper.
Cactus Jack

XS 650

My first big bike was an xs650 Heritage Special and now I'm guilty of not looking after her. She's a project, waiting to happen!! And I don't have the know-how or the cash to get a good mechanic. Yours makes me feel even more guilty, damn you! ;-)

Conor, (Ireland)


i bought one for 300 dollars, i will sell it to u for 600