1982 GoldWing Aspencade

other bikes: 2000 Harley-Davidson Ultra-Classic Electra Glide owner's life: I own this bike. Age: 42. Phoenix, AZ bike info: This bike currently has over 90000 miles on it and is still running strong. owner mods: Since I am 6'3" tall, this bike has an extra tall windshield. costs: I bought the bike used for $3200 and could sell it for that today. My wife won't let me sell it! personal info: I work inside all day in a building with no windows. Riding gets me out in the fresh air... I ride to work every day since I don't own a vehicle with four wheels. In Phoenix it rarely rains, it is just extreemly HOT six mounths out of the year. Jeff Myer


82 aspencade

Wish mine looked that good ! I bought this a couple months ago a diamond in the rough . It was all there but really dirty and had been setting out in the weather of vegas . Needless to say the seat and all the pads are shot . What I didn't exspect was the gas tank serprise . It was so full of rust and crud that I am still not shore I can save it . The wiring has been well hacked on the brakes are shot the rear tire has lots of tread but also lots of side whale cracks .Front shocks need new seals going top do the rear while I am at it . Think the stator is fried not shore have only had the motor running for a minute just long enogh to know it is still good . Other than that there is about fifty small things wrong that need atention but it was cheap and what or wear could you find so much frustation so cheap (GRIN) Warren Hughes