1983 Honda CB550sc Nighthawk

This is my first streetbike, and has served me well for the last 6 years. Amazingly enough, it did all that service on 3 of 4 main jets! During thanksgiving weekend of 2005, I finally pulled out the carbs and cleaned them, and the bike is a whole new beast! My current mods are '83 650 NH bars, a bar-end mirror, UNI air filter, and raising the forks in the tripples. Future mods include round headlight conversion, shaved seat and rear bar, SS brake line, windshield/cafe fairing, and Progressive Suspension all around. My plan was to buy a Buell XB9R to replace this poor slow bike, but with its new lungs, I think I can afford to keep around a while longer. Josh Davis Cedar Rapids, IA


Sweet Bike

Sweet bike dude. If you don't me asking how old are you, as you look around my age. I'm 23 here. I have the exact same bike, other than no mods except aftermarket sissy bar with backrest, and the red instead of black. I'm actually shocked to see someone that looks younger owning such a bike & enjoying it as I sure thought I was probably the only one. Email me sometime at biker_lbf_406@hotmail.com & we can chat.

nice bake ;)

Nice bake. I have the same bike but sale in Japan market is cbx400, nany blue colour. Nice to see u
My mail: north2arch@yahoo.com


I have one that's almost a twin to yours. It has a backrest but otherwise much the same. I like the cruiser look paired with the smooth 4-cylinder. I've had mine since '92.

Back rest

I was wondering if anyone might know where I can find a back rest for the Honda Nighthawk ( 1983) I am hoping to get one for my husband for a christmas present.

Thanks. you can email me at kah1211@charter.net


How are the handlebar's working out? I'm thinking of doing a handlebar swap on my Nighthawk 550 and was wondering how the 650's handlebars are working out. Is cornering easier than it was with the 550's handlebars?

Thanks! My email address is chukwooters@yahoo.com


I have the same bike but in red, i've had it for 4yrs now (got it when i was 16). I am taking the time and refurbishing mine seeing how this year it becomes an antique (25 yrs old). I am looking for an original set of 550 handelbars,which still have good chrome. if you have a set email me at stupidkid1515@hotmail.com.

Timmy V (not verified)
CB550 1983 nighthawk

I am looking to replace my forks because the oil is leaking from the new top seals and the bottom. Problem is that Honda does not make the oil lock nut any longer and my parts guys are stumped. It doesn't help that I live on Maui and my resources are limited. Does any body know how to or who to get a replacement set of forks from?

Mahalo.(thank you)

JG (not verified)

I have the exact same bike, just dusty and rusty.
I'm looking to do the round headlight mod too. Anyone know where to get a kit, if needed, to mount one?

JG, Michigan

Jason Colby (not verified)

Anyone here selling there 550 Nighthawk? My email is jasoncolby2002@yahoo.com

Daniel (not verified)
550 Nighthawk

ya I have the exact same bike but with the back seat rest and the windsheild it is my first street bike also.

Daniel (not verified)
Honda nighthawk

Ya I have a 550 nighthawk to Tim it handles awsome what about yours? I wish I could help if you find out anything could you tell me and I will do the same thing for you. Oh and by the way your a lucky bastard living in sweet place like Maui I was there back in March this year in Kihei and all I can say after renting a bike there you guys have some awsome roads to go cruising on.

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headlight conversion

I just bought a 550 nighthawk, did a little work on it and for its size it is a screaming machine!
the previous owner did the round headlight conversion on it but not in a good way. so, if any of you folks doing the conversion and don't want extra parts laying around... I'm looking for the headlight assembly to put mine back to stock.