1984 Goldwing Aspencade

This is my Daily ride on the Oregon coast. I live about 45 miles from my job at Bay area Hospital in Coos Bay.My normal ride to work time is 03;30 TO 04:30. I dodge deer I daily, an occasional elk, coyote, beaver, bob cat, cougar and a black bear.

The First time I came up on the black bear I was about 1/4 mile from my house on gravel. he came crashing out of the brush along the road on my left side. I was doing about 25 mph, and it sure got my heart a racing. I didn't want to anger him, but I didn't want to stop and let him decide. about 100 feet further he made his move and lunged ahead and across my path and down into some trees and the creek. Too bad I didn't have a helmet cam. The next time he was eating berrys 1oo yards from our house, and boy did he ever take off. It is all true, so just watch out for the bears in the woods and the Crazies in the cars and trucks.KEEP RIDING EVERONE....Daniel P Tolman