1984 Honda V65 Sabre

owner's life: Tom Lawton 40 yrs old in WI bike info: 33,000 miles owned it for 1 year now and put on about 9,000 miles. 25 miles one way to work with mostly freeway travel. Very comfortable bike, like the self cancelling directionals and gear position indicator with a clock and fuel guage. If ridden sensibly there are no real flaws but the engine does lack oil pressure to the heads when at low idle. owner mods: Added Plexi III windshield with pouches, homemade lowers, custom seat and a set of GIVI luggage. costs: Change oil and plugs regularly and a good shop tune-up every other year with about 40 mpg it is very reasonable to own and operate. Very nice bike. personal info: Stoughton WI, I/S professional for an insurance company. Like to race RC cars, ride motorcycle, boating, camping etc. If I won a million dollars I would have the bike completely reconditioned by a professional and keep it. Tom Lawton


Wow, Where do I find all of

Wow, Where do I find all of the extra's that you have on this bike? I have an 85' Sabre and have been looking for exactly what you have here, backrest, luggage rack etc... --- mikehenzel@gmail.com..

luggage rack/tank bag

Me Too! I have an '85. Where did you get the luggage rack and how does in bolt on? Were there any mods that had to be done to the bike to fit it? How do you like your magnetic tank bag, and does it stay put during rides? Very nice set up!! Todd

Info please

what brand of windshield do you have? Do you like it or is it to big? Where can I get the backrest and hard bags? Also where can I find crash bars? I have a 85 v65 sabre!

Thanks Matt

David P. Poppen (not verified)
Radiator Issues

I am looking for a solution to a leaky radiator on my Honda Sabre. Do you have any suggestions for sources for such a problem? The bike you have on this page looks very much like mine. I have been wondering about the possibility of adding some hard or soft bags to go on my bike. Any suggestions? thanks for your response.

C J Swenson (not verified)
Did you find out!

Hi, was wondering if you found out where to get the backrest and bags for a V65 Sabre and could you tell me?


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Probably one of the most

Probably one of the most comforatable long distance bikes i've ridden.

radiators at Rads'n'Rails

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Love This Bike

I am interested in purchasing a luggage rack/backrest for my boyfriend's bike, just like this one. Where would I find this stuff? Have been looking online, but so far no luck. Thanks!

george furtsch
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back rest

Hi, was wondering if you found out where to get the backrest and bags for a V65 Sabre and could you tell me?
george gnjfurtsch@comcast.net

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Re-1984 Honda V65 Sabre

Well, Honda V65 Sabre looks interesting but I m looking for Honda car rather than bike,as Japan used vehicles are high quality vehicle but looking to buy from reliable Japan used car dealer.