1985 BMW K100

owner's life: Godzilla, age 43, living in Elnora, Indiana, owns the bike bike info: I am the 3rd owner. I bought the bike off Ebay from a guy in Illinois. I ride it to work daily over country highways and county roads, about a 15 mile trip each way. I like the dependability of my bike, named ZoomZoomZoom. It is fast enough for me and handles well. costs: I have owned the bike for 4 months. It gets about 41 MPG. Godzilla


Zoom Zoom

can I ask what you paid for your bike, also what is the mieage. Have you experienced any problems ... david laird

Sure... I paid $3200 for

Sure... I paid $3200 for her, back in 2001. She looks quite different now; wasn't long after that photo was taken that I committed a rookie mistake and ruined that Pichler fairing. She now looks like a K100 Standard.

She had 69,000 back then. Now she has well over 140K. Sure, I have had a few problems with things wearing out, and the instrument cluster finally went totally toast, but otherwise she rins like a top. I would not hesitate to jump on her today (get the oil changed; she is due) and take her on a cross-coutnry trip, cruising the interstates at 80MPH with no worries. She is reliable and she is fast and I just love her to death!

Anonymous (not verified)

I recently bought a 1987 k100 rs and the day after I bought it I dropped it and cracked the fairing and broke the windshield, now i am looking to get a new windshield but first off i cant find any sites that have any, and on top of it i was thinking of modifying it to a standard k100, i was wondering if it is hard to do, and what i all have to do for it to work-

Randy (not verified)

Hello I have never posted on this page before so please be nice I have a few questions for the owener of the white K100 can you plese send me a e-mail I also have the same bike and it will be with me till I am a old man as it should last that long

Garry (not verified)
K100 w Pichler PK-2 Fairing

I've got the same bike for which I purchase the PK-2 fairing, my color is BMW Marrakesh Red. Sorry to hear about the demise of your fairing. I'm in need of a few minor parts for mine and wonder if your kept any of the remains of your fairing? I'm trying to contact Pichler directly, but haven't yet elicited a response from them. Congratulations on your regular use. My '85 bike has spent more time hibernating than moving and I'm now resurrecting it with expectation of breaking 10K on the odometer. ANYONE experienced in tricks for getting a dormant bike successfully restarted? God speed and smooth roads for your travels. G

Stephan (not verified)
K100 Fairing

I just bought a K100 wo fairing. where did you get yours or where can i get one like it never seen that style for the K100.

chris (not verified)
1985 K100rt

Just bought a K100rt in pretty good condition for $1000 but made thr stupid mistake of jumping it with a car charger and I thyink I fried the main computer board hope not though its going to the doctors this week hope all is well

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Your Cool BMW

Hello. Exactly what model k-100 is this. I have been looking at all types of K-100's and they look a little different. Is yours the type where you can buy a faring cover for the front wheel.


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About 2 weeks after I made my first comment, I purchased a K100

About 2 weeks after I posted my first question on this blog, I purchased a BMW K100 with a partial, "Pichler Fairing."

The bike only has 50k miles on it; not bad for a 1985. It runs like a top, and looks great. The fairings came unattached, so I had to put them on, They had been refurbished by a Christian group that rehabs. cars, bikes and other vehicles, and then sell them to raise money to help people in need of assistance.

It was a worthy cause, and I was blessed with a great purchase. I added chrome side mirrors, and she looks great.

GOD Speed.


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BMW K100 With Pichler Fairing

I am truly enjoying my ride. 90k plus miles and still running fast and strong!

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