1985 Honda VF1000R

This restored VF1000R gets ridden to work a few times each year in No. Nevada.


I love those bikes!

I had an '86 VFR500F that I rode daily (except when the snows hit) from Carson to south shore 20 yrs ago. Loved it: both the bike and the commute. Your restoration is great!


I traded a Nissan 280ZX for a near ZERO milage VF1000R that had been VERY lightly dropped in late '85. Put it in my dining room over the winter and put it on a diet... Had Bob Burks(?) at D&D in Ft. Worth build me a 4-2 exhaust (remember, this is a FLAT crank motor), cut the air box, degree the cams, and re-jet the carbs. Together with my moving the UPPER radiator DOWN to the 'chin spoiler' position, and shaving about 50 lbs. off the thing - plus the extra ponies his motor mods made, the thing was FREAKIN' FAST !!! - And handled pretty well as I recall (for a 60 in. wheelbase, STILL kinda heavy bike).
It was, for it's day, MOST KILLER! The V4 Hondas had tons-o-torque in the midrange (I had one of the VERY FIRST VF750F Interceptors, new, before to the 1000R), and they were all REALLY very fast and VERY rideable for their time. Ya really can't go wrong with 'em. (except for trying to find modern rubber for that 16 in. front...).
Good Luck (I'm kinda jealous..but busy with other silly shit...),

Just got one myself!

I'm in Manchester N.W. England, and after having my 1000cbr stolen, I've almost paid for a (same colours as in pic) vf1000r. They are difficult to get in the UK but I'm lucky enough to have managed 'replace bike' timing! 14 days to go---CAN'T WAIT!!!

krissi (not verified)

I'm shagged out and ready to sleep (3.30am--UK) when I stumbled across last comment which I made a million years ago. It woke me up thinking 'wow'--I own one of those!. I've had my sc16 for well over a year and it's never let me down. It still looks better than most modern bikes and keeps-up with gixer's and the like if I ride it hard. A bit heavy when stationary but like a butterfly above 100mph! Glad I got it!--Chris.

kevin youngs (not verified)
paint job

hi i would like to paint my bike like this one. need specs/measurements if poss

rRay Rollins (not verified)
Honda VF1000R

I just got one of these bikes in trade for my old Yamaha Banshee.
I rode this bike the first day to 11,000 feet here in the mountains at Idaho springs, Colorado up at St Marys Glacier.
The bike rode great and I just ordered 700 dollars in new parts for it.
I know its not the fastest bike but wow what futuristic features it has even now as compared to the others.
I love that cam sound.
After I get it out of the shop where everything under the sun is being done to it to get her back on the road safely, I plan on using it everyday.

Ray Rollins (not verified)
Your Honda VF1000R mods question

I read your comments about your bike and was wondering if you could send some photos of the mods you did to me as I have also considered lowering the radiater down etc...
Thanks Ray

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Awesome tips. I’ll be

Awesome tips. I’ll be passing this post on for sure
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