1985 Yamaha Maxim XJ700N

other bikes: 1966 Yamaha 305 Big Bear1974 Yamaha RD350B1977 Yamaha XS6501975 Yamaha RD350C owner's life: Mike Kampman, age 46Mississauga, Ontario bike info: 61,000 km, I am the third owner, second owner had for a year and it started its life with the first owner in Vancouver. This bike is the epitome of a perfect bike to me. owner mods: First owner replaced the original exhaust system with 4 into 1 and a slip-on muffler. costs: This bike gets about 40 mpg on average, my 650 could get up to 70 mpg. The RD was pig on gas being a hyper 2-stroke. personal info: I am a Prepress Technician in the printing trade, enjoy all types of music and foods. I am married with two kids, a 15 year old daughter and my son who is almost 18 rides my old restored '75 Yamaha RD350C. My wife is my saddle mate with whom I share my favourite back roads. Mike Kampman