1986 VF700c Magna

Got this sweet ride almost a year ago. Honda V4's ROCK!! Watch out for the trains...


1986 VF700C

Got mine brand new in 1989. Have over 38,000 on mine now. I'll never sell her. Dusty Rose is her name cause the Black is always dusty....
MD Medford, Oregon

Pat Rancour (not verified)

hi, i noticed you have a 700 magna with 38,000 miles on it.

I just bought the same model you have with 11,000 miles on her.
I really like the bike ,but have heard alot of bad stuff about the oil not getting to the front of the cams,and camshaft related problems.

Have you ever done the oil mod they recomend,and have you ever has any problems with the bike.

please ,i need your help opinion,i dont really want to sell the bike.


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