1986 Yamaha Venture

owner's life: Age 41, live in WV bike info: My job requires frequent commutes to Washington DC and Maryland. Best features.. ample storage, excellent power and handles like a V-Max on steroids. I dislike NOTHING about this bike! If Yamaha still made this model, I'd buy a new one, other than that I'm keeping what I've got. owner mods: Lots of chrome, pinstriping by costs: New brake pucks, & carb diaphragms. Replaced all fluids. Fresh tires. This bike is the most reliable and predictable of all that I've owned. Several of our club members (www.venturers.org) have over 100,000 miles and still running strong. personal info: I work for the electic utility that serves Maryland and D.C. Dave Miller



I have a 89 and ride it EVERYDAY to work,rain,snow and sun...LOVE IT..