1987 Honda Helix

The Honda Helix is one of the most misunderstood cycles on the market. I've owned motorcycles up to a Gold Wing Interstate, and none of them are better at urban commuting than the Helix. The Helix offers good acceleration, automatic transmission, enough storage for 3 bags of groceries, light weight, weather and crash protection, and 65 mpg! The Helix can cruise at 65 mph, allowing it to be used on most commutes. My Helix was rescued from an impoundlot after an accident. $650 and a lot of labor brought this scooter with 15,000 miles on it back to life! For most of the year, the Helix is my main transportation, with the car being used only to haul big items or when lots of rain is predicted! From the photo you can see that I like recumbent bikes and cycles! Michael VanDernoot


Trailer hitch

how is a trailer hitch attached?

Trailer Hitch

Mike rode this bike to work for a number of years and then graduated to a small Gold Wing for countrywide touring, but not before selling it to a co-worker who rides it to work whenever the weather permits, so I see it often. A now defunct company "Rich's Racks" made trailer hitches, nice protective rails and other accessories for the Helix. Mike would see him yearly at the Honda Helix convention in Eureka Springs, AR. I believe he got the hitch there, but had to modify it because of damage caused by the wreck. I wanted a hitch for my own Helix, but procrastinated and now can't find one.
As you can see mike is also a big feet forward bicycle rider too and preferred to tow it behind the Helix.
Anybody know where I can buy a hitch for the helix let me know at fdf@fidnet.com

Scooter PULLING a trailer!

Now that's something you don't see every day...

building & attaching the hitch

I have been looking for a way to put a hitch on my helix for quite a while and now have ran across a web site that shows you how to build the hitch and attach it.

I haven't tried it yet but plan to in the near future..

the web site :


good luck..


Tim Butler (not verified)
I didn't even know about the

I didn't even know about the helix. Is it really as comfortable as it looks? Wow. It looks like a sweet ride. Is that yellow bike thing an additional passenger seating on the trailer?

David (not verified)

The Helix is very comfortable. Mike had a back injury which makes most "normal" bike rides very uncomfortable. If you are a bike rider you'll find the small wheels feel a bit strange at highway speeds. I've decided to use my 86 helix as a town bike and am very happy with it.

David (not verified)
yellow thing

Oops, forgot to mention... That yellow thing is his recumbent bicycle which he tows behind the helix to the nearby Katy Trail for an after work romp.