1987 Honda Xl600R

I love to ride, ride, ride!!!! I ride this 87 Honda dual sport to and from work everyday.


man what is with your

man what is with your helmet???

I ride 87 XL600R also to work

I can't get the chock to work. Have you had any problems in that area?


my 87 XL600R was the best thing i ever bought

I ride my bike hard, but it has never let me down. The supertrapp exhaust system was
my best investment for the bike, it sounds and looks great on the bike. I highly recomend it.

Got Problems

I got a XL600L but have never rode it, Doe's not start. I got spark/compression/and gust does not want to start.any advise?


Check if you got a wet spark plug. If not It does not get fuel. Clean filter and carborator.

Just bought a xl600

I had to get my carb cleaned out and the timing valves adjusted... then it started! like every kick or by the third!

lots of smoke

my cylinder was worn and the engine needed werk, so my dealer
bored it out .25 over, installed now pistion and rings,
clips, pins, camshaft, rocker arms, and a ghasket kit.
the smokeing came back at 200 miles, and now it
is 4-5 times worse. please help !!!

Get Money Back.

Sounds like the dealer is a stealer. I don't think they did the work they said they did. I'd get my money back or at least some of it then get a service manual (at a different dealer) and learn to work on it yourself. Either way they did something wrong. Go back and raise hell! Cactus Jack

dealer is screw in with me

it took bike back to dealer and they said it would be another $1000 to fix. because the airbox was dirty and the 90 day parts warranty wouldnt cover it. thold me they would give me $100 dollars off of labor because i keep raising hell!!!


Anybody know where i can find body parts for my 87


got in a wreck need all 5 plastic covers


Hi all, Thinking about buying a 1985 xl600r (paris dakar) dont know much about these bikes but the two ive seen have both done 25,000-30,000 miles what kinda life can expect from these engines before i'm faced with rebuilds ? Any weak points i should look out for ? Hoping to tour france maybe spain and portugal, will these bikes be up to that sort of distance at their age ? i know its a lot of broad questions guys, but any info would be appriciated. pete (uk)

how long well engine last before rebuilt

oil changes every 1000 miles synthetic is best who knows miles you might get those single hondas are the strongest honda built.

help with brakes

I am having trouble with my brakes and cannot find a manual for my xl600r. I need to know what the rear brake assembly is supposed to look like. Does anyone have a picture from a manual they could send me? Or any suggestions. You can email me at irv1973@aol.com I would appreciate any responses.

RIP buddy!!! I am gonna miss you!!!! 9/29/07

You can ride all you want now!!!!


my advise is to sell it to me. 707246-8422

not starting

take plug out and pour gas into cylinder. replace plug and give her a fiew good kicks. if she starts until the gas is burned up, ther you know the problem is your intake system


I have a 83 XL600R. If I make sure to get the engine just past top dead center (the hardest part of the stroke) and kick and give it gas with the choke on it will start every time. If I don't turn over the engine to the proper place before I try to start it I can not get it started.


I have an '83, and I love it. Starting can be an issue on these Big Pigs. When starting the bike, always assume the air in the cylinder is no good. Lightly kick it over a couple times to get a fresh charge (no sense wearing yourself out), stopping at the compression stroke (the hardest part). Then just give it a moderate kick and it should go. After riding dirt bikes for years, I assumed an engine this size would only start with the hardest kick I could muster. This is not necessary, and will wear you out quickly on a hot day! Be aware the kickback can put the kickstart lever right through your shoe. Don't position yourself directly over it when starting!

One place these bikes have trouble is the rubber piece between the carbs and the cylinder. Before buying one, I suggest spraying the area with WD-40 while the bike is running. If the idle changes, you know you have a crack or leak in this piece. Don't assume Honda has a replacement for you either, they are discontinuing many of the parts. Used parts may be more common overseas.

These old beasts are quirky, but there is nothing more fun than out running a brand new $5000-$6000 bike with a 25 year old beater (which is often older than the person riding that new bike!). Enjoy!

not running annymore

my bike is an 87 xl600r, rode great for the 500 miles after the rebuild. i rode it down the rode and shut it off. now it has little compression and no spark. havent been able to get it started in the last 2 months. any advice???????

won't start?

I have an 86 and i can't keep it running. it will start, every once in a while, but when it does start, it dies on me after about 10 miles. it's really frickin' annoying. i live in the country and would love to go for a long ride. any advice? i do notice that the breather separator hose is kinked. maybe that could be the problem? any help?

bad fuel flow answer

sounnds to me like you have a clog in your fuel system. in that 10 miles your bike runs only on the fuel in the carbs.
try cleaning your tank, fuel petcock, lines, and even your jets. after that, run about a quarter of a bottle of stp fuel system cleaner through with a full tank of gas. Thats my best guess!!!!

body parts 87

what are you willing to pay i got spotless parts

mail me at glenn6109@yahoo.com I will buy your plastic

glenn6109@yahoo.com or call 252-259-4684 glenn

87 Honda XL600R

I need a engine rebuild for my bike and wanted to ask for a rough quote and location where I could get the work done. I'm in Ontario, Canada and my oil bump stopped working one day. I need an engine rebuild and wanted a estimate. I love my bike and want to fix it. Or is it possible to buy a used engine from someone?
Thanks .



starting xl600r

Does it fire at all? Check to see of the plug is wet. Then read your owners manual carefully if you have one. If not the starting procedure for this bike is NO THROTTLE. If you use the throttle you will grow a big muscular leg. I bought one no book. Had trouble starting it all the time. Got an owners manual from ebay. started following the exact starting sequence and starts and runs fine. Choke, no throttle. If it it not getting gas that is a whole new ball game. If you live in WI and want to sell it I will buy it

christmas gift

My wife let me buy an 87 xl600r the bike has just under 7000 mi the factory honing marks are still clearly visable. it runns great except when you hold the throttle in one position for a few minutes at highway speeds it loads up with fuel and dies.... this is annoying if you role off the throttle and down shifr to maintain rpm it bump starts without stopping, not safe on the freeway. at highway speeds if you massage the throttle i have no problems.
hear is another good one, at idle horn and blinkers work semi-normally speedometer light flashes in contrast to the blinker lights. anything past idle and the horn does not function and blinkers dont blink they remain constant....
Things done, new magneto, voltage regulator, new blinker sylinoid, new air filter and extensive time stairing at wires looking for shorts and corosion. also i added a ground from - battery to frame , disassembled top motor mount cleaned thew contact areas and added di electric grease i cant find any more grounds... a little help

Sequoia/ newbee

new parts for your 1987 honda xl600r

they have almost everything for your bike and pictures ooooh.... http://www.powersedge.com/pages/parts/viewbybrand/default.aspx



Where did you get the Supertrapp? I was told they only made it for the XR. It would not bolt up to the XL. Do you know the model #?

week or no spark 1987 xl600r

great bike but just lost spark
gets week spark with smaller plug any sugg?

just bought '86 xl 600r

its bad ass but the morning start up may kill me. if i put a longer kickstart on it will it turn over easier?

I have xl600l too!

hi my name is Daniel,I own a Honda xl600l and I might help you start your bike.please mail me at "fejlong@yahoo.com" or on yahoo mess ID:fejlong.bye


I bought the supertrapp off of a buddie of mine. I will look for the part number and list it within a couple of days.(im working alot of overtime to keep gas in my dodge, cant wait till riding weather!!!!)


i have a 86 and rebuit for top to bottom,the only thing that wasnt done was the gear,and also did all the work my self execpt getting crank balanced.it cost 3300to3700 for all the parts so only buy what is broke or needed.any big bike shop is going to charge you out the ass,try to find some one good but resonable.

fuel blow by?????!!!!

my 87 was sputtering at high rpms i removed the air filter, it was dripping gas?! with out the foam filter i got back power and cruising speed.
the carbs are fresh for the third time,all new plumbing, the bike runs and starts great any ideas????


86 hard start Adjust choke adjust comp release my bike has the comp release on the bars, and its also attached to the kickstarter

supertrapp part #

I am prety sure that the part # is 027-3599. At least thats the only # that i saw!!!!


take head off and resete the valvs and give em a good cleen new spark plug

this ones for sale

if anyone is interested in my 87 xl600r she is yours for cheep
started taking her apart because she smokes but never have time to work on it. 9058346281

for sale responce

how mutch?

Shawn (not verified)
Body parts 1987 xl600r

My 87 xl600r is missing some plastics, does anyone know where I can find replacements? New or used! Also does anybody have advice on a steering stabilizer for the bike?

Shawn (not verified)
4 sale

If you still have the bike and want to sell the body panels, let me know call or e-mail 760-710-7305. oside6@hotmail.com

ben (not verified)
you can can get new plastics

you can can get new plastics at rosevillecycle.com. they can get everything oem for ur bike. but i suggest getting inventive and getting xr parts and other parts and make them fit. looks way better

jim (not verified)
boutht a 1986 xl600r spark

boutht a 1986 xl600r spark at plug sometimes think its module . my question is can you go to a single carb set up . instead of the dual carbs . which are a pain to work on.

david (not verified)
im intrested in buying the 87 honda enduro

I saw that you were selling the bike, if you still are plz plz give me a call my number is 318-602-8714. Im in the Army and I commute over 60 miles a day and would love to have the xl 600 r as it was the first bike I ever owned and I know they are a sweet riding bike. Thanks

Gustavo Marquez (not verified)
honda xl 600 r 1987

felicito a todo el que tenga una moto de estas soy un fanatico de la misma, aunque mis problemas nunca terminan. cuesta arrancar calienta mucho en verano muy alto de combustible, pero cuando uno gatilla el acelerador se olvida de todos sus defectos . soy de argentina

ron (not verified)
do you still have your 600r

I was just checking an old site and your area code is in Ontario,Canada. do you still have it?


domara (not verified)
Nice bike

I have 1985 XL600R and i love this bike, smooth & powerful, i have
Perfectly control over my bike she go where i want to go.
I don't like the color of 1987, HONDA must be RED color ONLY.
There is many beautiful places in ONTARIO CANADA and i discover
Many of theese places with my 1985 XL600R and she never ever let me down, just excelent bike,,,, but i realy look after her and she
looks excelent.looooooooong way to go. by the way i ride it up to
first snow in Toronto every year and every day.

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83 Honda xl600r for sale

I live in Redmond WA and love this bike! starts easy, runs really nice, 28k miles, looks good and is very reliable. email brian.wehr@comcast.net if interested. Need the cash- $900?