1988 Honda Hawk GT (NT 650)

Even though I'm 34, this is my first motorcycle. I've been riding it for a little more than two years and put about 10,000 miles on it. Mostly, I ride it on weekends, exploring the twisty roads of the San Francisco peninsula. I ride to work when I don't have to dress up for a meeting or something. A Marsee magnetic tank bag and a bungie net make commuting a lot easier. When my riding friends and I go camping, I'll throw on a set of soft saddlebags, too, and bungie my tent and sleeping bag across the seat.In California, lane-splitting is legal. Thank God because traffic and parking are awful here. The torqey 650 cc V-twin is great for squirting in and out of gaps in traffic. It's also relatively simple to maintain and gets about 45 MPG. I'd like to get a real, modern sportbike, but even if I do, I'll probably keep the Hawk. It's a cult classic and a real joy to ride! Warren Oshita



man hello,
i wonder where did you find that seat to your super nice hawk you got there please i am very interested in. if you dont mind answer me at georgioscity@hotmail.com tnx in advance

Honda NT650 quit running

Looking for advice. My NT650 was running well, as always. Next morning it wouldn't start. It cranks over vigorously, spark-plugs spark, fuel pumps out the line, but will not fire up and run. The front ignition coil has 2.2 ohms resistance (within parameters). The CD box, Honda calls it a "spark unit", is within parameters at 450 ohms. Any advice from anyone is appreciated.
Al, Nov., 2007