1989 Low Rider Sport

1989 Low Rider Sport, which replaced my XJ600 as my daily ride. Loud commuters save lives?


loud is bad

for several reasons...:

1) if it were a safety feature, the noise should come out the front to warn people ahead. NO study ever done has shown that increasing the noise level of a motorcycle has any reduction in accident rates for riders.

2) a properly tuned engine, with proper mufflers, is both quiet and powerful. Switch mufflers (make it more noisy) and you're losing power as the system is detuned.

3) loud motorcycles are in the minority, but are what most people think of (and cringe about). When there's a noise ordinance up for a vote, or a new law to ban motorcycles from certain areas, or even a whole city, noise is what they'll remember. Loud bikes lose rights.

I would disagree that loud is bad

I have been riding for over 18 years, one day I was driving the wife’s minivan well I could hear the bike I could not see it when I wanted to change lanes, the guy was in a very bad blind spot, but I did not wipe him out because I could hear the bike. If he had stock pipes I might have taken him out…..

Besides as long as you stay out of the gas when your in neighborhoods the sound is not bad on most bikes with after market pipes.

Loud Pipes Pisses People Off

If you are a decent minivan driver you'll look out your window into that blind spot. What do you do when there is a quiet car hiding there???
Nice bike though! Cactus Jack

Sense of Humor Infusion Needed

It was a joke people, a play on words! If you look closely, those mufflers are from the same people that made the bike. They're not that loud. Sheesh.

Please Grow Up !

For Those With Loud Pipes:
Every time I hear someone on their Big Bad Harley "BLAAAA- Dow - Dow Dow !" down the street I see what the driver REALLY is; An insecure little boy looking for approval. . . .And it's really kinda pathetic! It reminds me of an insecure kid with a shiny red bicycle that he got for Christmas. Then his uncle Bob taught him how to put playing cards or balloons in the spokes to make it sound like a Motorcycle - like Grown-Ups ride. It's like "Hey everybody ! Look at me ! Look ay my shiny red bicycle. I AM SOMEBODY. Do you like me ??" It's really pathetic. If you ask any of your "Ladies" that are on the back if they would prefer making a racket and breaking the law by letting loose 125 decibels, or quietly accellerating away on the back of a sophisticated machine like a Beemer, you would probably be amazed to hear her say: " Honetly - the BMW shows 'Class' Grow Up, it's very inconsiderate and rude to make that much noise"
Note To All :
And just one more 'Word to the Wise' (if you'll take it) Take both of your hands and lay the palms flat down on the floor. That's about how many square inches of surface area you have on the pavement to stop your bike! So the next time you take off from a light and wind out 3 gears and take it up to about 70 . . . just think of the adhesive area you have if someone decides to make a U-Turn in fromt of you . . . or someone blows a Stop Sign.

Neil In Chicago. 85 Honda 1100VF Magna

P.S I've been riding 44 years (since age 14)

Quiet? NO WAY!!! Loud is Definitely Safer. Don't Fool Yourself.

I don't ride a Harley but I did for years. However, with all of the awesome technical developments made in the last 20 years, why ride such an old tech clunker? My riding buddy has a Fat Boy and she loves it. She let me ride it and I didn't have the heart to tell her that the bike I paid half as much for was twice as good on the road. I don't need or want to be part of any crowd, I'm definitely an individual(which is why I used to ride Harleys but everyone rides them now) and I love what the Japanese, Europeans and even Victory has done with V-Twins. Harley is definitely behind, way behind in technical innovation and their bikes are very clumsy in comparison to new designs. They cater to a certain crowd which is made up mostly of posers and wanna be's, not real serious riders. Just look at all of the trailer queens at any event and you'll start to see what I mean.

I need super reliability as I ride off into the wilds for hundreds of miles at a time. I like my V-Twins loud but not obnoxiously so. I ride 20,000-30,000 miles a year and where I live and ride I find it much better to have a loud, pulsating sound accompanying me wherever I go. That way, I get to see a lot of deer(and other animals) running away from the roads and into the woods.

It's unnerving to see them standing there or feeding along the side of the road when you are flying by which is what I used to see when I rode a Honda with stock pipes. I learned to hold the horn button down in certain areas but the sound and feel of a big V-Twin(with overhead cams) and loud pipes is awesome and no doubt has made my rides safer. Having said that, I must admit that I do not like the sound of totaly open pipes, the kind that are ear splitting. No need to be that loud, just clear the roads. Open exhausts should be banned for the sake of everyone with normal hearing.

I have been riding for over 40 years and have hundreds of thousands of accident free miles. There was one time however... when that car turned right into me and I went flying for 30 feet and landed on my head. I was wearing a full face helmet which saved my life twice that day. Once when my head hit the road and the second time when the chin guard hit my chest near my left shoulder and kept my neck from breaking. My armored jacket kept my shoulder from shattering(according to the doctor) and prevented back injuries and my leather pants, armored motorcycle gloves and boots helped as well. My whole body was numb(a massive hematoma) but I had no road rash and I was able to get right up and walk back to my totaled bike which was spilling gas all over the road and shut off the ignition.

Defensive riding is the only way to go but if you for one moment think that you always have a way out or can avoid an accident, think again because when a motorist doesn't see you, they will do something that will totaly shock you, seriosly injure and possibly kill you. If you don't have a full face helmet, get one right away and get every other conceivable safety accesory(Head light and tail light modulators are a good thing to have) and piece of clothing you can find before it's too late.

Don't fool yourself, if you ride, you're going down. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. The roads are more congested now than ever and drivers are less carefull as well. The only reason that there are not more accidents is because cars are vastly superior machines these days compared to just a few years ago. Emergency handling and braking are light years ahead of what they used to be and people are light years away from the road, talking on their cell phones and playing with their stereos. So be ready for the worst and hope for the best. Ride like they are out to get you because believe me, they are and they will, sooner or later.

Ride Safe!


Again, Sense of Humor Needed

That's my bike. It's not loud. It was a joke. Relax, people. And since you mentioned it, my "Lady" has her own bike, she loved me when I rode a Yamaha, she loves me riding the Harley. If you need any bike to get a woman, I'm thinking you have bigger problems than your pipes.

Why Ride Old Technology

For the same reason that people still drive '32 Fords after 75 years. They like it and it makes them feel good. I ride mine to work 3-5 days a week, and enjoy every minute of it. I will be doing my Iron Butt on it next summer. Old technology doesn't necessarily mean bad technology. Its very simplicity is its advantage, I can fix this bike with pliers and a screwdriver, not a laptop and data cable.

"Loud Pipes Are Bad"

Loud pipes harms the image of motorcyclist and yes loud pipes lose rights.

Loud pipes saved a young child

well...hummmm. about the loud pipes! was coming around a corner and a young kid ran out infront of me...had to drop my bike or i would have killed him... (experienced rider for 22yrs by the way). so i decided to get louder pipes...same thing happened when driving down street and some kids ran out in front of me and heard me but stopped...so i like the loudness...but I do not abuse it. i have respect for my neighbours...not like the "small man with the big harley beside me" i do agree somewhat about small men needing a big loud toy lol... i'm a woman. don't mean to offend anyone ok...have a great tomorrow. ride sharp.

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loud pipes

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