1990 Kawasaki Tengai

This bike has around fifty thousand miles on it. I bought it last year from a rider who had used it for years on a fifty mile-a-day commute across the I 394 corridor through the Minneapolis metro area. The upright, high seating position is great for both visibility in traffic and comfort. The electric starting (nice when I stall it in traffic...) four stroke single with liquid cooling is economical and still powerful enough to take advantage of developing situations and save time in congested places. The standard rack on the bike is quite substantial allowing for cargo hauling. The first owner reported that two grocery bags or two bags of cement (!) fit nicely. I do not imagine the factory would recommend the latter. Owner mods include auxiliary lights, oversize handguard with bark busters, small sidebags attached to the fairing )they'll each hold a quart of oil or a selection of cold weather gloves, faceshield squeegees, sunglasses, etc... There is a rubber flap extension to the lower part of the front fender, and electric vest hookup and a rather bellicose aftermarket pipe which has disintegrated and will soon be replaced with the stock item in the interest of public relations and overall stealth. Evidently the original owner thought it sounded like a VW Beetle. The mirrors are sportbike items attached to the handguards. Aftermarket fork gaiters replace the original items which reportedly fell apart quickly. The most worn-out part of the bike is the fairing. It is partly held in place with duct tape but have not decided if I want to replace or upgrade this because of the bikes low market value. This bike is fun to ride and easy to handle, particularly on congested city streets and parking areas. It is an affordable everyday machine, and has been cheap to insure, maintain and operate (Underneath the crappy bodywork is a KLR). This Kawasaki Tengai is my first big single, and although it is not fast or hot, it is the best bike I've owned yet for my everyday riding and commuting. Compared to my Sabre it's much easier to get around town and cheaper on gas/oil/tires etc... Compared to driving my truck, it's just plain fantastic. Pete Buenting


Richard (not verified)

I have just picked up a 90 Tengai and am wondering where I might find parts like the side plastics? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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After working for several years in Turkey I definitely will buy such a beauty and go for a ride.