1993 Suzuki DR250s

other bikes: '77 Yamaha XS650D(Being built into a 750 right now)...'75 Yamaha XS650B (idle)...'78 Honda Mini Trail 50 (for my two sons) owner's life: I own it. I'm 40 years old, and live in Hawkinsville, Georgia bike info: It's got about 13k on it, but the speedo drive is broken so I can't be sure. I ride 12 miles one way to work, on a winding state highway, but sometimes take the dirt roads just for fun.Biggest flaw with the DR250 is the lack of top end...90 is tops and some of those truckers are bad about tailgating. owner mods: None. Right now, the '77 XS650 is getting the attention. costs: I've owned the DR250 for a year now. Operating costs have been very low as I average around 60 mpg. So far I've replaced one turn signal lens ($12) and one clutch lever ($7). A great motorcycle, very cheap to keep. personal info: I grew up in Indiana, moved to Georgia when I married my wife. I've been riding offroad for 26 years, on the road for 24. I work nights as a computer operator/service tech. I like nearly all kinds of music, and have decided to try to relearn how to play the guitar this year. I love to cook, and I read voraciously. If I won a million dollars, I'd be pretty boring...I'd pay off all of my debts and invest the rest. That way, I wouldn't have to work so much, and maybe I could finally own one of every motorcycle made. Kent White


That's not a DR!

That's a nice XS650 Yamaha. Got any spare parts you can spare? Cactus Jack