1993 Yamaha Seca II

other bikes: Previous bike to this was an '81 Yamaha Virago XV500 (RIP). owner's life: David Vangerov. I'm 35 years old, and live in Pacifica, CA. I've had my motorcycle license for 5 years and this is my second bike. bike info: I bought the bike used in May of 1997 with 6682 miles on it. I've since put 9000 miles on it. The main thing that attracted me to this bike was the fact that with the stock seat I could get the toes of my feet down (I'm an inseam challenged rider). The other attractive feature was that the bike was a standard and not a cruiser or a sport-bike. owner mods: I've added several things to the bike: Corbin Seat: lowers the seat hieght by an inch or two and allows me to get the balls of my feet down instead of just my tippy toes (given to me by a friend who somehow had one but didn't need it). Scotoiler: automatic chain-oiler which eliminates the need to clean and lube the chain every 300 miles. Givi wingrack and lockable E460 topcase: Allows me to carry stuff easily, and lets me store my gear (jacket, chaps, gloves and full-face helmet) on the bike when I get to work. Sidecases are available, I just haven't gotten around to buying them yet. costs: Initial cost of the bike was $3200. Most of the major expenses for the bike have been the accessories (Battery Tender: $60, Scotoiler: $115, Givi wingrack: $210, Givi mount-kit: $175, Givi E460 topcase: $180). I've been able to do all the easy regular maintainence myself (oil changes, new chain, changing the brake fluid) and a few major ones as well (new valve cover gasket, new air-filter, new fuel-filter and fuel lines, pulling the front wheel to get a new tire put on). personal info: I'm orginally from Los Angeles, CA. I went to UC Santa Cruz and have a degree in Theatre Arts. I'm married, have 2 step-kids, 5 cats, and 1 dog. I work for Sun Microsystems as a Lab Systems Administrator. When I'm not out riding around on the weekend you'll probably find me at a Renaissance Faire or at a Dickens Faire. David Vangerov


Michael Domingo (not verified)
Love that bike!

I owned a yellow Yamaha Seca II, and I regret having sold it. I got mine from my brother-in-law at around 21K and sold it at 44K miles. Got my dream bike ('06 BMW K1200S), but really miss the Seca II especially since I commute 120 miles round trip. That Seca got me 55-60 mpg, whereas the K bike gets me only 35-40 on a good day.

If I could afford to buy back my bike, I'd do it in a heart beat. It's a keeper, for realz.

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cool...........no more no less

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