1995 Ducati 900CR

other bikes: 1985 Kawasaki ZX900-A2 (Ninja)- This one was a wedding present from my wife. I was a starving engineering student and need I say more. owner's life: Ed- 43, Renton Washington. bike info: I bought it in April of 97 with only 500 miles on it, she now has over 21000 (RTWD 2001). I use it for everything; communting, touring (an advantage in being short), running with the knee draggers up in the mountains. The weakest part of this bike is the chain adjuster - cheap materials and a poor design. Best part of this ride is the sound. owner mods: A Clock! Don't laugh.I added a 9 buck wrist watch by using some velcro (to change it for time zones and DST). This way I know if I have enough time at lunch or before a meeting to run a few more miles...Also had some plates fabricated for the chain adjuster out of Stainless Steel to replace the weak stamped steel plates that came stock. costs: The desmo valves still scare me - I can check them myself but I usually take it to my fav dealer to have them adjusted $$$. Because of the sport orentation of this mount I prefer to keep stickier tires on it which wear faster (duh). Compaired to older Ducs that I have had this one is much more dependable, almost Japanese. But being Italian you must constantly pay attention to her and ride her with passion and she will reward your soul. The ride home from work is enough to clear your mind! personal info: Puget Sound is where I now call home. I run a small electronics distribution company. Riding and teaching my daughter and son to ride are amoung the tops in hobbies. Also into boating but...Ah the million dollar question - BIKES BIKES BIKES ! oh ya and THE garage to put them in. Realistically there are a couple of motorcycle based/organised charities that I would donate to including Riders for Health. Ed Adamick