1995 Ducati 900SS CR

This 1995 Ducati 900SS CR has been my daily commuter virtually every day since purchased new in September 1995. Currently it has a K&N filter, Stage 2 jet kit, generic carbon fiber slipons, Corbin Gunfighter seat, Widder electric vest hookup, and SP full fairings. For my lunch, extra gloves, and miscellaneous paperwork, I use a Tour Master Cortech series magnetic tank bag. Back when I bought this Duck, I was looking for a good-handling, lightweight sport-touring bike. Everything except the Honda 900RR was heavy, buzzy or expensive. It's performed well and has been extremely reliable. Most of the maintenance problems have been caused by my putting off service until it was too late. As an all-day bike (200-400 miles), no body parts get vibrated to sleep or numbness. For a short wheelbase bike, it's ultra stable on the freeway (good for those springtime expansion bridge joints) and never wags or wobbles, even without a steering dampener. I've bent the front rim and ridden it home on the flat tire. I've been rear-ended at a stoplight. I've had a truck knock it over in a parking lot. And I've low-sided while attempting to avoid illegal pedestrians at night. After all of this, I'm planning on taking it to a track day this summer after it gets freshened up at the dealer. Plus, it's a people magnet. At gas stops, older gents have wild stories of their youth, and at nightclubs, women dig the Italian aspect. As of this writing, there's 87,000 miles on the odometer and a true 93,000+ (due to carelessness with a fork lock). I'm super happy with my choice from over 5 years ago and am looking forward to continuing my quest of riding a bike to work until I retire. (Then I'll ride for fun.) Take care, John Bollman


Good on ya. I hope to buy

Good on ya. I hope to buy one tomorroe.

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