1996 Honda CBR 1000F

I have ridden my Honda CBR 1000F to work for 9 years. I get free parking downtown next to the building where I work. My gas mileage averages around 42 mpg when commuting 13 miles each way. I try to ride mid-May thru mid-October here in central Ohio. We have 3 regular commuters on motorcycles.


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The trend is so pronounced

The trend is so pronounced that last month Cal State East Bay held a special one-day "Male Initiative" conference for young minority men, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Author Incubator

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"I mainly attribute it to

"I mainly attribute it to social and economic factors. Minority men are more likely to be unemployed, incarcerated or dead. I was fortunate to have the great support of my father," said Christopher Prado, 21, president of the student government at Cal State East Bay and the first member of his Mexican-American family to attend college. http://cheapsoftwaredownload.net/autodesk_ras.html