1996 Yamaha Vmax

owner's life: James Moore, 35, Gainesville, GA bike info: Current mileage is 17k, current riding leisure only mostly because its not conducive to carrying computer bag and getting me to work bug free in my work clothes. I love the power and speed most (top speed to date 186mph) - dislike - the VMax wobble - an engineering flaw that creates a wobble in the steering at high speeds. owner mods: Hindle Carbon Pipes, Bore out to 1352, Stage 7 Kit, Competition clutch, Corbin seat. personal info: Hobbies include good books, fine cigars, information security (go figure). James Moore


your vmax tall tales

186 m.p.h.? since this number is so high, speedo error must be ruled out; therefore, sir, you are a liar.

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The trend is so pronounced

The trend is so pronounced that last month Cal State East Bay held a special one-day "Male Initiative" conference for young minority men, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Author Incubator

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